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Rifle marksmanship

Fm 3-22.9

Military courtesy and coustoms

Fm 7-21.13 ch 4

Army PRT

Fm 7-22

Army leadership

ADP 6-22, ADRP 6-22


AR 670-1

Military justice

Fm 1-04


USARAK ASOP ED 4 ch 9,10,11,12

Blue book

USARAK Pam 600-2

Awards and decorations

AR 600-8-22

Training units and developing leaders

ADP 7-0, ADRP 7-0 ch2

Leave and passes

AR 600-8-10

Army body composition program

AR 600-9


ATP 6-22.1

First Aid

Fm 4-25.11

The army NCO guid

Fm 7-22.7

*Ch1- NCO history, professional development, NCO transition.

*Ch2- assuming a leadership position, duties, responsibility, and athority.

*Ch4- section leader and soldier tasks, leaders role in training.