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A machine that uses a reversible compressive refrigeration loop, so that both coils may take the role of either evaporator or condenser, is called a __________.
1. Heat sink
2. Air handling unit (AHU)
3. Heat pump
4. None of the above
3. Heat Pump
On hot days, a cooling tower cools ________.
1. Water from the condenser
2. Refrigerant as it moves through the compressor
3. Coolant from the evaporator
Water from the Condenser
In the compression-refrigeration loop (air conditioning), which is likely to be warmer?
1. Condenser coil
2. Evaporator coil
1. Condenser Coil
When found in a building’s indoor air, carbon monoxide, radon, formaldehyde, and nicotine are all classified as
1. ventilation components
2. hydrocarbon-fuel emissions
3. building-materials emissions
4. indoor-air contaminants
Indoor Air Contaminants
The psychrometric chart plots which of the following factors? Check the two that apply.
A. Relative humidity
B. Air motion
C. Mean radiant temperature
D. Air temperature
E. Convection current
F. Surface temperature
Relative Humidity, Air Temperature
A four-pipe fan-coil system functions as which of the following?
1. A heating and cooling system
2. An evaporative cooling system
3. A domestic hot-water recirculation system
4. A high-rise fire-safety system
A Heating and Cooling system
Which of the following terms are used in describing heat flow? Check the four that apply.
A. Convection
B. Conduction
C. Suction
D. Radiation
E. Enthalpy
F. Conveyance
Convection, Conduction, Radiation, Enthalpy
The sun is lowest in the sky in the northern hemisphere on the day of the
vernal equinox
summer solstice
autumnal equinox
winter solstice
winter solstice
Noise generated within a space can be most effectively controlled by
Which of the following can be used most effectively to limit low-frequency sounds in an HVAC system?
Turning vanes
Duct lining
duct lining
Electrical receptacles in a residential bathroom are required to be installed:
1. no lower than 4 ft above the floor
2. below the level of toilet or lavatory fixtures
3. with ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection
4. at a minimum of 6 ft from a tub or shower
3. with ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection
The flush control for a handicapped accessible urinal is a maximum of how many inches above the floor?
1. 36 in
2. 40 in
3. 44 in
4. 48 in
44 inch
In contrast to wet-pipe sprinkler systems, dry-pipe sprinkler systems are used because they
1. are lighter and less expensive to install
2. have fewer valves and fittings to maintain
3. will not freeze in unheated spaces
4. contain water and will not corrode as fast
will not freeze in unheated spaces
Which of the following fixtures or types of equipment must have their waste outlets equipped with air gaps adequate to prevent contamination due to any possible backup of sewage through the waste piping? Check the two that apply.
A. Refrigerators
B. Heat recovery units
C. Water closets
D. Bathtubs
E. Sterilizers
F. Waste interceptors
Refrigerators, sterilizers
Which of the following items is NOT required for plumb- ing waste-drainage systems?
Vacuum breaker
vaccuum breaker