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Populist Platform (5)
farmers of 1890's
1) Free unlimited coinage of silver at 16 to 1 ratio
2) Govt ownership of telephone, telegraph, RR
3) Direct election of senate
4) 1 term presidency
5) Initiative & referendum
Greenback Labor Movement
Farmers in debt want to print more $ to cause inflation to make debts easier to pay off
The Grange
Started by Oliver Kelley
unite midwestern & southern farmers
Oliver Kelley
Started the Grange: Coalition of midwestern & southern farmers
Wabash Case
Supr Ct said states do not have power to control interstate commerce
Interstate Commerce Act
Rebates/pools prohibited
RRs must publish rates openly
Set up Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
Farmers' Alliance
Founded in TX
Like the Grange (wanted to break monopolies through cooperative buying and selling)
16th Amendment
Graduated income tax
17th Amendment
Direct election of Senators
James B. Weaver
Populist Presidential Candidate in 1892
Bland-Allison Law of 1878
Silver purchase program where govt would buy limited amt of silver to back the dollar
Sherman Silver Purchase
Govt bought 4.5 mil oz and pay for it in $ redeemable on either silver or gold
McKinley Tariff Bill of 1890
Boosted rates to HIGHEST peacetime level 48.4% on dutiable goods
William Jennings Bryan
Wanted more silver to back the $
Cross of Gold speech: persecute farmers on cross of gold by backing dollar only with gold
Cross of Gold speech
William Jennings Bryan

persecute farmers on cross of gold by backing dollar only with gold
De Facto Segregation
Social & economic pressures not law caused segregation
Lincoln Steffens
Shame of the Cities
Ida Tarbell
History of Standard Oil Co.
Upton Sinclair
The Jungle
Ray Stannard Baker
Following the Color Line
John Spargo
The Bitter Cry of the Children
Gustavus Myers
History of the Great American Families
Jacob A. Riis
How the Other Half Lives
Muckraker term coined by
The Bitter Cry of the Children
John Spargo
History of the Great American Families
Gustavus Myers
How the Other Half Lives
Jacob A. Riis
Shame of the Cities
Lincoln Steffens
History of Standard Oil Co.
Ida Tarbell
The Jungle
Upton Sinclair
Following the Color Line
Ray Stannard Baker
Voters directly PROPOSE legislation
People VOTE directly on laws
Voters can REMOVE corrupt officials
Women fought for these 2 causes
Suffrage & Prohibition
Progressive Platform (9)
1. Intiative
2. Referendum
3. Recall
4. Women's Suffrage
5. Prohibition
6. Regulation of big business
7. Laborers' protection
8. Food and drug regulation
9. Conservation
Progressive Goals (2)
1. Use gov't to limit powers of business
2. Remove threat of socialism by improving common man's conditions
Boss Tweed & Tammany Hall of NYC
he would
control new immigrants that would be forever in debt to Tweed
Thomas Nast
Muckraker political cartoonist
Harper's Weekly
famous for Tweed caricature
Corrupt Practice Acts
limit amt of $ candidates can spend on election campaign to curb corporation "gifts"/bribes
Australian Ballot
aka Secret Ballot
decreased power of political bosses
City-level Changes
1. City commissioners to manage urban affairs
2. Slumlords must renovate housing
Robert LaFollette
Wisconsin governor who ended corruption in RR & lumber industry
Roosevelt's Square Deal
Control of corporations
Consumer protection
Conservation of natural resources
Anthracite coal mine strike
Workers wanted 20% pay increase & 9 hr. shifts
Get 10% pay increase & 9 hr. work day but workers' union not officially recog
Dept of Commerce & Labor
Created by TR
Business of Corporations subset to trust-bust
Elkins Act of 1903
Gave power to ICC
Removed use of rebate & est fines on RR companies receiving rebates
Hepburn Act of 1906
Stop collaboration btw. shipping companies
Northern Securities Co
RR holding Co by James J. Hill & JP Morgan. Lost in Supr Ct to TR
TR busted approx. ____ trusts
40+ incl. beef, sugar, fertilizer
Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906
stop mislabeling of food & pharmaceuticals
Meat Inspection Act of 1906
govt can inspect meat shipped over state lines (Upton Sinclair's the Jungle)
Newlands Reclamation Bill of 1902
Irrigate western states after overgrazing
Aldrich-Vreeland Act
Allowed banks to release emergency currency
Eugene V. Debs
Ran against Taft as a socialist & received MANY POPULAR VOTES
Taft busted approx ___trusts
Payne-Aldrich Tariff
lowers tariff on some things but others (iron, coal, steel) went up. FAIL.
Richard Ballinger
Sec. of Interior who opens up large areas of west to corporate development
Gifford Pinchot
Chief of Agricultural Dept's Division of Forestry mad at Ballinger for opening up western land to corporations.

Taft fires him for insubordination
Bull Moose Party
TR starts this party because Taft is Repub nominee
TR's Bull Moose/Progressive Platform for 1912 election
1. Consolidation of trusts & labor unions
2. Women's suffrage
3. Social welfare (min wage laws, universal health care, etc.)
Wilson (DEMOCRAT)'s New Freedom
1. Small enterprise
2. Free, un-regulated and un-monopolized markets
3. NO social welfare
4. Break large trusts
Election of 1912
1. Taft (R) trust busting
2. TR (bull moose/progressive)
3. Wilson (D) New Freedom
4. Eugene Debs (socialist)
Wilson attacks Triple Wall of Privilege
Underwood Tariff Bill
Lowered protective tariffs
Federal Reserve Act
set up Fed Reserve Board to oversee 12 regional reserve banks
Fed Trade Commission Act
Created Fed Trade Commission to regulate interstate industries (trusts, false advertising, mislabeling, etc.)
Clayton Anti-Trust Act
Expanded powers of Sherman Anti-Trust.
*Excluded labor unions*
*Legalized strikes & peaceful picketing*
stopped price discrimination
Fed Farm Loan Act
low interest rates for farmer loans
Muller vs. Ogden
Ct ruled IN FAVOR OF laws protecting women workers from harsh conditions.

strike against equality
Lockner vs. NY
Ct. INVALIDATED law est. 10 hr work day for bakers b/c discriminated against bakers (some want to work 10+hrs).