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How many debug log records can be created every time a user is enlisted for monitoring under debug logs?


What are similar to custom objects and enable application developers to create custom sets of data, as well ascreate and associate custom data for an organization, profile, or specific user?
(A) Analytical Snapshot
(B) Divisions
(C) Territories
(D) Custom Settings

Your Answer: A; Is Correct? : No
What is the process of preventing users from editing a record, regardless of field-level security or sharing settings?
A. Record Deletion
B. Field Level Security
C. Initial Submission Action
D. Record Locking
Which functionality allows the developer to track resource usage during execution of code snippets?
A. Debug Log
B. System Log
C. Setup Audit Trail
D. Field level security
What dashboard component do you use when you have one key value to display?
A. Chart
B. Gauge
C. Metric
D. TableYour Answer:

B;Is Correct? : No
Which of the following is not a correct statement with regards to tags?
A. Tags can be enabled by enabling Tags permission for the Organization
B. Tags can be enabled by enabling Tags permission for the Profiles
C. Tags can be added on the Records
D. Tags can be accessed from the Sidebar component

Your Answer: D;Is Correct? : No
Which reflects the currency of the corporate headquarters?
A. Corporate Currency
B. Account Currency
C. Standard Currency
D. Organization CurrencyYour Answer:

B; Is Correct? : No
Which of the following is not included in search settings?
A. Enable Document Content Search
B. Enable Sidebar Search Auto-Complete
C. Enable “Limit to Items I Can View” Search Checkbox
D. Number of Search Results Displayed Per Object

Your Answer: B;Is Correct? : No
Which element is included in the security model for Force.com Sites? Select 2 answers.
A. Full CRUD permissions on all custom objects
B. Read/Write permissions on all standard objects

C. Named Visualforce pages
D. Restricted IP ranges

Your Answer: B; D;Is Correct? : No
A developer wants to ensure that when a parent record is deleted, child records are not deleted. Which relationshipshould the developer choose?
A. Lookup
B. Master Detail
C. Many 2 Many
D. Self Relationship
In analytic snapshots, the maximum number of runs you can store is______.
A. 100
B. 200
C. 300
D. 400

A user can only see the fields A, B and C on a record of Object X until the A field value on the record changes.Once the A field value is updated equal to "Working" and the record is saved, the user should see fields A, B, C and D.How would an application developer configure this?

A. Use Workflow to change the record type.
B. Use workflow to change the FLS.
C. Use multiple VF page.
D. Use validation rules to expose the field.

Your Answer: D; Is Correct? : No
An organization has two related objects. All users must be able to view the parent record while only select users must be able to view the child records. How can an administrator do enforce this?
A. Create a lookup relationship, define public access on both objects then create sharing rules on to restrict visibility ofchild object

B. Create a lookup relationship, define public access to the parent object and private access to the child

C. Create a Master-Detail relationship, define private access on parent and create sharing rules on child object

D. Create a Master-Detail relationship, define public access on parent object and private access on the child

Your Answer: D;Is Correct? : No (with Master-Detail relationships, permissions can't be set for the child object - they are defined by the sharing rules on the Parent )

In the lookup relationship both object are independent for sharing rules and having owner field on object.master details relationship only parent object having owner field and child don't have owner field which means child records are dependent on parent record.
Which of the following is NOT an email template type?
A. Custom HTML
B. Apex
C. Text
D. VisualforceYour Answer:

An organization wants to leverage a custom objects to track bugs. The organization wants the ability to relate bugsto parent bugs in a parent-child relationship. What type of relationship should be used?
A. Master-detail
B. Self
C. Lookup
D. Many-to-many

Your Answer: D;Is Correct? : No
Which of the following is an account sharing system that grants access to accounts based on the characteristics ofthe accounts?
A. Hierarchy management
B. Account management
C. User management
D. Territory management
A dashboard table or chart can display up to how many photos?
A. 20
B. 25
C. 30
D. 35
True or False: The maximum size of email messages for Email Services varies depending on language andcharacter set


All of the following are static resources except one
A. Images
B. Stylesheets
C. JAR files
D. Attachments
It is a type of approval action that assigns a task to a user you specify.

A. Task
B. Email Alert
C. Field Update
D. Outbound message

Your Answer: D;Is Correct? : No
Which Dashboard component is best suited for data that is plotted against time/day?
A. Funnel Chart
B. Line chart
C. Gauge
D. Bar chart
If there are too many duplicate records, numerous sharing rules, and a large number of manually shared records,what does this situation suggest?
A. Role hierarchy that has too few roles.
B. Sharing model that is too public.
C. Sharing model that is too private.
D. Sharing Rules are restrictive than Organization Wide Defaults

Your Answer: D; Is Correct? : No
True or False: The records IDs are identical when using a Production org and a Full copy sandbox


After renaming tabs, objects, or fields, which of the following additional items may need manual check?

A. List view names
B. Standard report names and descriptions
C. Titles and descriptions of any email templates
D. All of the Above
Which of the following statements are not included in the Data Loader's capabilities? Select 2 answers
A. Import greater than 50,000 records
B. Import data into 2 objects in a single transaction
C. Rollback import transactions

D. Run by command line

Your Answer: B; D;Is Correct? : No
Which of the following is a multitenant cloud database service that’s designed to store data for mobile, socialenterprise applications?
A. Database.Force.com
B. HRCloud.com
C. Database.Salesforce.com
D. Database.com

Your Answer: A;Is Correct? : No
How would a developer create a many-to-many relationship between 2 objects?
A. Via a Junction Object
B. Multiple Relationships
C. Multiple relationships on Object Y to Object X
D. 2 Relationships: X to Y and Y to X
In a custom recruiting application, Positions and Candidates are stored in separate custom objects. When lookingat the details of a position record, a hiring manager needs to see a list of recommended candidates instead of seeing allcandidates based on matching job skills. How could a developer meet this requirement?
A. Add an inline Visualforce page on the Positions page layout
B. Add a look up relationship to the Candidate object
C. Add a dashboard to the Position page Layout
D. Add the cdandidates related list to the positions page layout
How many external Id’s are allowed per object?
Which of the following is not a type of custom tabs?
A. Visualforce tab
B. Web App tab
C. Apex tab
D. Custom Object tab
Which of the following is related to View layer in the MVC Model?
A. Workflow Rules
B. Validation Rules
C. Visual force Pages
D. Custom Objects