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Crimean War
dispute between Russian Christians and French Christians over privileges in Holy Land
Nicholas: Russia occupies Turkish controlled provinces along Danube, Turks declare war, Britain and France join
Ends in Four Points: Russia denounce claims to provinces on Danube, etc.
Florence Nightingale
British nurse, pioneer in modern nursing
More men died of disease than wounds
"Light Brigade" tended to troops
Second Frnech Republic
Unicameral legislature
Universal male suffrage
popularly elected, strong executive
vote Louis Napoleon
Louis Napoleon
Second French Republic
voters saw symbol of stability and greatness, lived outside of France, made concessions to conservatives, including Falloux Law
made Emperor in 1852, with plebiscite
Falloux Law
control of education given to Church for its support (by Louis Napoleon)
Syllabus of Errors
Pope Pius IX issues, condemning Liberalism EVERYWHERE in response to Louis Napoleon returning education to the state
King Victor Emmanuel
of Sardinia Piedmont
Italian Unification
Il Risorgimento
propaganda newspaper in support of Emmanuel, unified Italy
written by nationalist Cavour
liberated Southern Italy and Sicily with 1000 Red Shirts, allowed conquest to be absorbed into Sardinia-Piedmont
Italian Unification
Otto von Bismarck
led one for Prussian unified Germany
Junker background
obsessed with power
issued Gap theory
Gap theory
gained Bismarck favor with King: if king and legislature came to a stalemate, then king gets to decide since he granted the constitution
Prussian-Danish War
Germany defeat Denmark, take control of Schleswig and Holstein
jointly administered by Austtria and Prussia led to conflict
Austro-Prussian War
precipitated by Danish-Prussian war
German Civil war
Bismarck got France, Italy, Russia noninterference, used superior army to beat Austria
bicameral German parliament, made up of Bundestag and Bundestrat
lower house elected by universal male suffrage
upper house, a representative from each state shared power equally. Of Reichstag, German parliament
Franco-Prussian War
Bismarkc provoked war with Ems Dispatch
France easily defeated, Paris falls, Napoloeon III captured
Ems Dispatch
bismarcks note to make France go to war with Prussia
telegraph: his version of meeting between King and French minister: LIES
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Czech and Hungarian want autonomy, given comproise through Ausgleich
Hungary and Austria cooperate
creation of Austro-Hungarian Empire
Hungarians get own assembly, cabinet, administrative system