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The network of lymphatic vessels, filled with lymph, which start in peripheral tissues and end at connections to veins. Lymphatics begin as lymphatic capillaries, and contain valves.

Functions of the lymphatic system

1. Produce, maintain, distribute lymphocytes

2. Maintains blood levels- sends peripheral fluids back to veins.

3. Eliminate local variations in interstitial fluid concentration.

4. transport lipids

2 main ducts where lymph empties into venous system

1. thoracic duct

2. right lymphatic duct

-both empty into right subclavian vein

important lymphoid organs

1. lymph nodes

2. thymus

3. spleen

*located in ares that are vulnerable to pathogens

the spleen

Major function- filters blood; initiates B and T cell responses to antigens in blood.

White pulp- resembles lymphoid nodules. Removes antigens, initiates immune response.

Red pulp- contains RBCs, recycles old RBCs, stores iron from recycled RBCs.