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Whats the 4 characteristic of muscle Tissue?





Whats Irritability ?

Responds to stimulus

Whats contracility?

Once a muscle cell is stimulated it contract it shorten

Whats extensibility?

ability to be stretched

Whats Elasticity?

Retract to original length

Whats the 4 functions of the skeletal muscle?




Heat Production

What is Thick myofilament composed of?


What is thin myofilament composed of?




What is a skeletal muscle cell called?

Muscle Fiber

Muscle fibers are _______ and ______



What is the Sacolema?

Cell membrane

What is the sacoplasm?


Are Muscle fibers multinucleated cells? Yes or No


Does muscle fibers have striations? Yes or No


What is myofibils ?

The parts of the muscle fibiers that contain the contractile proteins they are long & cylindical

What do the ability of the hedged head of the thick myofilament have the ability to do?

Move back & forth pivot

What is the area called on the actin? What is the actin site?

Actin site

Act as a magnet for the myosin head any time the myosin head is near the actin site it attaches to it

What do Tropomysin do?

is a long thread that Covers the active site on a actin

is there to 2 Tropomysins? Where Yes and No


Both covering on the 2 strands of actin

Whats the 3 pieces to the protein troponin?

one piece attaches to tropomysin

second piece attach to actin

binding site for calcium

On each actin is there an actin site ? Yes or no Whats covering them? Whats periodically spaced?




The thick & thin myofilaments are going to be arranged into what are called?


Whats a sacromere?

basic contractile unit of a muscle fiber

so when the muscle fiber is stimulated to contract absolute smallest piece that is physically going to shorten

An order to hold the thick myofilment in place what would you use and what do they do?

Run a band of stabilizing proteins down the center of them

They hold the thick myofilment in place so they wont move around keep them spaced apart

Take some thin myofilaments over lap the thick ones on each side they made up as actin, troponin, tropomysin ..........


What would you use to hold the thin myofilaments in place?

Another line of stabilizing proteins

Whats is the stabilizing protein band called?

The M(middle) Line get repeated over and over again

Whats is the band of stabilizing protein at the end of the sacromere is called?

Z line

If you go from the beginning of the thick myafilment in one sacromere to the end of the thick myafilments in the same sacromere what is it called

An A Band

Whats the 2 different parts of the A band

A part where thick & thin myafilments over lap each other (Zone of overlap)

A part in the center where you only have only thick myafilments

What band is the zone of over lap at where you have the thick & thin myafilments over lap each other ?

A band

Whats the H zone?

Thick myafilments center

2 zones of overlap & an H zone make up an entire ______ band?


Why is the H zone is not gonna stain as darkly as the zone of over lap?

Because its only thick myafilments but in the zone of overlap it have thick & thin myafilaments twice as much stuff in there its gonna stain more darkly

To one A band end to the next A band begins

To the end of thick myafilments in one scaromere to the beginning of thick myafilments in the next sacromere what is band is that called?

I band

Why is the I band not be as dark as the A band?

All they contain is thin myafilment

What band is the dark line A or I band?

A band

What band is the light line A or I band?

I band

What is the line going down the center of the I band?

Z line

From one ____ line to the next is the entire length of the_______?



Within the sacromeres the thick myafilments are found in the center those would form?

A bands

Within the muscle fiber you find _________ why would you find that?


Making atp to keep up with the muscle fiber

What is a T-tubuleas?

Projection of sacrolema that go into the muscle fiber

What is a sacroplasmic reticulum?

is smooth endoplasmic reticulum stores ca++

The ends of the sacroplasmic reticulum is enlarged compared to the rest of it those enlarged ends have a name what is it called

Terminal sternum

Most of the Calcium is stored in the ______ of the ends of the sacroplasmic reticulum

Terminal Sternum

Whats is a triad?

Is a T tubule & 2 terminal sternum

specific to skeletal muscle fibers no other muscle tissue have it

What stimulate skeletal muscle tissue ?

Nerve input

Skeletal muscle is _________muscle? What tells it to contract?


Nerve input

What is a motor neuron?

A cell that is found in your central nerves system

Your Central nerves Sytem is your _____ & ______?


Spinal Cord

Coming off the motor neuron is something called______ is like the electrical wire in your body. Electricity travel down and ends at the _______?


Axon terminal

Does the Axon Terminal make contact with the sacrolema? No or Yes


Where the axon terminal & sacrolema come close to each other this is going to form a __________?

Neuromuscular Junction

What is the gap between the sacroleme & the axon terminal that prevent them from touching?

Synaptic Cleft

Electricity is going to be coming down the _____ to get to the_______ but the electricity does not have the ability to jump across the__________ something inside the axon terminal that is going to be used as a massager to let the muscle know that the nerves system wants it to do something located in the axon terminal is going to be called these little packages each what are called a __________ contains a chemical called _______ its going to be released into the synaptic cleft. On the other side of the synaptic cleft have a part of the sacrolema that have a specific name to it what is it called ________. The motor end plate is the area of the sacrolemma that has something in it that you dont find any where else on the sacrolemma what is it __________


Axon Terminal

synaptic cleft

synaptic vesicle

Acetyocholine (ACH)

motor end plate

ACH receptors

What part of the sarcolemma contains acetylcholine receptors?

motor end plate

Motor neuron generates electricity


Whats fast twitch?

is Atp production with anaerobic (no Oxygen) , Decrease vascular

Short burst of activity

fatigue easily

Whats slow twitch?

Make Atp production using aerobic(require oxygen) Increase vascular

Whats the 2 types of muscle fibers

Slow Twitch

Fast Twitch

Whats summation?

Apply a stimulus repeatedly over a period of time

Whats the 3 phases of single muscle twitch? what do they do?

Latent- Inital 1st crossbridge pivot increase in tention

Contraction- Myosin recocks

Relaxtion- No cross bridge

application stimulus once