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What is Ethology?
the branch of biology studying animal behavior
What 2 categories did Aristotle use?
Genus and Species
What mechanism did Darwin say drives evolution?
Natural Selection
What trigers an FAP (fixed action pattern)?
What are Species?
animals that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring
Name 2 steps of the Scientific Method
Observe, Hypothesis, Predict, Test, Scientific explanation, Status
Name 2 types of data that observationist collect
Identify individuals and gender
Scientist manipulate what variable?
What is the difference between the isolation method and the correlation method?
In the isolation method: one group is deprived of something while the other group isnt'
In the correlation method: measurable changes, nothing manipulated, typically used on humans
What is the comparitive method?
Comparing behavior among similar species
What is the cost benefit analysis?
What a given behavior costs the animal vs what is gained
What are the four parts to the theory of evolution?
Variation within species
Adaptation for survival
Natural selection
What is allopatric speciation?
Members of the same species separated by a physical barrier forcing them to live in a different environment
What is an example of sexual selection?
Male lion
What is puncuated equilibrium?
Population stays stable and then changes rapidly due to sudden environment changes
What is an example of a vestigal organ?
Give one example that supports evolution
The fossil record
What is the progressivism fallacy?
Evolution does not always go from simple to complex
What is the difference between genotype and phenotype?
Genotype is the genetic makeup
Phenotype is what it physically looks like
Name 2 things that genes do
Hair growth
What is mutation?
A random change in genes
What is gene flow?
Movement of an individual in or out of population which changes the allele frequency
What is genetic drift?
Changes in gene pool by chance
Give an example of humans doing artificial selection
Dog breeds
Give an example of an extinctive drift
Horse going into a burning barn
An organism with a shorter lifespan relys on ____ behavior
Least complicated form of learning?
What is insightful learning?
Solve a problem based on previous experience
Give an example of a type of bird taht shows spatial learning
Imitation is a form of ____ learning.
What family did our human ancestors come from?
Family Hominidae
Name one physical change in our skeletons that allow us to be bipedal
Our pelvic structure
Name 2 features of homo erectus
Smaller teeth
Flatter face
What type of human was able to adapt and therefore out lived the Neanderthals?
Cro-Magnon Man