Analysis Of The African Leopard

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The African Leopard is becoming more threatened as humans encroach on their habitat and poach them for their coats. A black variation of the African leopard exists, leaving some individuals with a much darker coat. The allele associated with this phenotype is “a” recessive allele and shows presence in an individual when it is homozygous. The normal patterned leopard coat is expressed by the dominant “A” allele and shows presence in an individual when it is homozygous as well as heterozygous. The African Leopard generally lives in bush and forest areas (awf). If people were to push all African Leopard populations into darkly covered forests over fifty generations, how would this affect the allele frequency of these populations? This simulation …show more content…
The dominant “A” allele represents the presence of the normal leopard coat color. The control group is left in its normal environment, but the treatment group is gradually forced into heavily forested areas by human encroachment and poaching.
For this experiment, PopG was used to predict allele trends in the ten African Leopard populations. The control group tested along side the treatment group had the default fitness values of 1.0 for the AA genotype, 1.0 for the Aa genotype, and 1.0 for the aa genotype. For the treatment, the populations had altered fintess values. The treatment fitness values were 0.8 for the AA genotype, 0.8 for the Aa genotype, and 1.0 for the aa genotype. The experiment was run ten times for each group and with ten generations simulated. The overall trend was that the treatment group always lost the dominant “A” allele by the thirty eighth generation and the control group never lost the dominant “A” allele. These results confirm the alternative hypothesis. The change in habitat of the African Leopard caused by poaching and human encroachment does have an effect on the populations’ allele frequency. With the decrease of fitness for the Dominant “A” allele, which phenotypically displays the normal colored leopard coat, a darker coat (the recessive “a” allele) becomes much more favored for

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