Evolution: Evolution, Evolution And Micro-Evolution

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What is science? Science is a process that we use to discover new things about our world. It is, to quote The Merriam-Webster dictionary science is “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.” Science is realization through observation and experimentation. Science can never truly “prove” anything. All science can do is give us, as humanity, more of an idea as to what goes on in our physical world; however, everything science can teach us is something that is open to debate and consternation. This includes one of the most often wholeheartedly believed and yet the most amazingly flawed scientific theories out there, this is Evolution. From it 's humble beginnings, to today, evolution …show more content…
From getting a slightly thicker fur, to becoming an entirely different creature. For the purpose of sanity and logic, evolution shall be split into two categories for this paper, Micro-evolution and Macro-evolution. This distinction is vital, because without it, a reader may become confused as it is said that evolution is both correct and a fact and also filled with holes. Micro-evolution is change within species, this happens all the time; Micro-evolution is commonly refereed to as natural selection, it is the idea that over successive generations, things change biased on the “meta” or Most Effective Tactic Available. “Meta” is not a scientific term per-say; but it fits the idea quite well, the most effective thing gets utilized more and more, it allows the creature to survive longer than it 's peers, and thus the trait becomes mainstream. That is evolution in a nut-shell; however, now the error becomes apparent. Macro-evolution is inevitably tied to Micro-evolution; however, the two are not mutual, it is not necessary that both exist of one exists. Micro-evolution has happened this does not necessarily mean Macro-evolution has

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