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Name the Four Types of Reels
Which is often called the open face reel?
Crappie, Bass and catfish can be found in what type of water?
What type of lure is made to resemble an injured baitfish?
What types of live bait are best for bass?
Worms, minnows
What types of bait are best for catfish?
Stink bait, liver
Name a fish that does not have scales.
Catfish, Blue Marlin, Shark
You are fishing from a boat and bad weather is approaching, what should you do first?
Get to shore as soon as possible.
List as least three responsibilities of an ethical angler.
Respect other angler's rights
Always get permission before fishing on private land.
If fishing on private land always offer to share you catch with the owner.
Always leave your area cleaner than when you arrived.
Shrae your knowledge of fishing with others.
Always ask yourself: Is it legal? Would it be food if everybody did it? WOuld it make you and your family proud?
If you are on land and someone is in trouble in the water, what four words tell you what to do? (in order)
What type of rod and reel do most beginning anglers use?
Which piece of equipment keeps your bait at a specific depth and also indicates when you are getting a bite?
What type of fish would you use a fly or popper as bait?
Sunfish and Bass
How can you prevent from injuring the skin of the fish when handling them?
Wet your hands first and handle them as little as possible if releasing it.
How can you prevent a fish from spoiling while on a fishing trip?
Keep the fish alive in a live well; keep it on a stringer; place it in a cooler of ice.
What is the most important piece of safety equipment to have when fishing from a boat?
What is jerking the rod and forcing the hook into the fish's mouth called?
What is the purpose of the slime on the fish's body?
Protects from disease, glide easily in water, and protects from sun.
LWhat type of knot would you use to attach your hook to your line?
Palomar, Improved Clinch or Snelled
What type of knot would you use to attach your line to the reel?
Arbor Knot