Descriptive Essay About Fishing Research Paper

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The Unequipped Fisherman Fishing on my families 14 foot aluminum boat at Lake Ponemah, I encountered an evasive pike who evaded capture because I failed to prepare the necessary fishing equipment. I was about 8 years old at the time, but I remember every detail; from the exact time my brother father and I entered the boat, to the tree on our lucky island. I recall pulling up near the superstitious island, and dropping anchor while I gathered my preferred equipment. During my first cast, I battled an evasive prehistoric fish with teeth so frightening I was unable to contain it. . I could guarantee from that day forward, I would always prepare correctly: so I am always properly equipped during any situation. As soon as the three of us loaded ourselves, accompanied by our fishing poles into the boat. My father submerged the propellers of our 12 volt trolling motor into the murky dark green water and steered our insignificant vessel west toward our favorite fishing spot. Near this secluded location resting upon an island, lied a gorgeous larger than life scarlet oak tree with glossy green leaves. At first glance it would appear as if the darkened brown trunk and moderately stout limbs of the tree engulfed the entire islands surroundings. Nestled deep within the branches slightly above the base of the oak was a runty rustic tree house. I could tell the winter had taken its toll on the old fort because two missing wall panels had fallen to the island …show more content…
I felt ashamed as my father and brother joked at my expense. Teasing me because I acted panic stricken and had been unprepared. A result from my inability to bring the proper fishing equipment for our fishing adventure. I quickly learned during the midst of my shame that preparation is key to success, and to always bring the appropriate equipment to handle any situation

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