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What best describes the geography of Greece?

Lots of small islands and mountains

True or False: In ancient Greece, Athens was unable to develop a strong navy because of the isolation of the city.

False: It was because of the Aegean Sea

During Ancient times, how would one travel through Greece?

One would travel either through boat to get across seas or travel through mountains.

Ancient Greece Life was centered on what body of water?

The Aegean Sea

Name one way the Aegean Sea was helpful in ancient times.

It helped Athens develop a strong naval fleet.

Which body of water falls below Greece and above Egypt?

The Mediterranean Sea

Did Ancient Greece have slaves?

Yes. Slaves and servants.

During Ancient Greece, music was considered a what?

A gift from the gods

What instrument was attributed to Hermes?


What instrument was attributed to Athena?

The panpipes

According to the history of Orthodoxy, who was the first to come into Greece to preach Christianity, back in 49 AD?

Saint Paul

What is the "Greek Spirit"?

A faith represented by independence and freedom

Ancient Greeks were some of the first to be able to do what?

Read and Write

What language did the Ancient Greeks speak?

Ancient Greek: Aeolic, Doric, Ionic

The Greeks alphabet soon later led to what?

The development of all modern European languages.

What is the capital of Greece?


What does Athens stand for?

It symbolizes freedom, art, and democracy.

Who is Athens get it's name from?

The goddess of wisdom and knowledge, Athena.

What architecture was built here around 447-432 BCE during the Age of Pericles and was dedicated to Athena?

The Parthenon

True or False: In Ancient Greece, the economy centered on trade


What body of water best-promoted trade in Ancient Greece?

The Black Sea

True or False: The Aegean Sea was used for both trade and fishing


True or False: All fo Greek land was farmable

False- the mountainous terrain was rocky and unfarmable.

True or False: Villages in Ancient Greece were divided into separately governed city-states.


True or False: City states inAncient Greece were developed due to political conflict and disagreement

False- they were developed because of mountainous geography.

True or False: The geography in Ancient Greece allowed the city-states to unify quickly under a strong ruler

False- instead they were divided into independent city-states.