Essay On Ancient Greece

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How did the geography of Greece affect Greek history? There were some significant conditions that influence the history of Greece. Greece is a country that is composed of about 80% mountains. These mountains all range from "8,000 to 10,000 feet high" (Spielvogel 54). Due to this, the people in Greece were separated from one another and they each formed their own city-state or communities. This made it extremely difficult for them to unite under one government because they all followed their own path and lifestyle. As time went on, every community became connected to their own independence and they eagerly fought one another to obtained benefits. Greece is also a peninsula that is composed of small plains that are surrounded by the …show more content…
Usually in a polis, the citizens would gather in a "central place to practiced political, social and religious activates" (Spielvogel 59). The city-states of Sparta and Athens were considered rivals in Ancient Greece. They are physically close in proximity to one another. However, there are many unique differences between these two cities. Sparta is a region that is located in an area known as Laconia. Both Sparta and Athens are two of the main city-states found in Greece. They both spoke diverse dialects and had a different political system. Sparta was known to have order, stability and conformity. In Sparta, the life of a child was analyzed by state officials at birth to determine whether a child was healthy enough to live. If the child was a male, they were removed from their mothers and placed under state control. While in state control, they were exposed to cruel punishment to teach them toughness and given an education that emphasize military and respect . At the age of 20, they were registered into the Army and remained there till the age of 60. Marriage was allowed however, they must stayed living in the barracks while the wife lived at home. Spartan women had the freedom to own and take over land. Women were also allowed to get an

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