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Simple Columnar Epithelium

Location: GI tract

Function: Absorption

-Goblet Cells

Nervous Tissue

Location: Brain, spinal cord, nerves

Function: Conductivity and irritability

Smooth Muscle

Location: Walls of hollow organs

Function: Propels substances

Skeletal Muscle

Location: Attached bones and skin

Function: Voluntary movement

Stratified Squamous Epithelium

Location: Skin, lines mouth, esophagus, vagina

Function: To resist abrasion

Psuedostatified Ciliates Epithelium

Location: Lines upper and lower respiratory tract

Function: Creates movement of a substance across surface

-Goblet Cells

Transitional Epithelium

Location: Bladder, uterus

Function: To allow stretching

Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

Location: Forms glands and ducts of glands (also kidney tubules)

Function: Secretion or pathway for secretion

Simple Squamous Epithelium

Location: Lungs, kidneys, blood vessels, serous membranes

Function: Rapid exchange of gases, nutrients, fluids, and used in filtration

Cardiac Muscle

Location: Heart walls

Function: Contracts to pump blood


Location: Primarily breast, hypodermis, around the eye, and kidneys

Functions: Insulation, energy storage, and protection

Dense Irregular

Location: Dermis of skin, wrapping around organs, bones, and joint

Function: Withstands mechanical tensions in many directions

-Lots of collagen fibers

Dense Regular

Location: Ligaments and tendons

Functions: Resists tensile force (stretching) and connects bone-bone and muscle-bone

-Lots of collagen fibers

Osseous Tissue

Location: Bone

Functions: Support, protection, enables movements, site of blood cell formation, calcium mineral storage

-Very crystalline matrix

-Very vascular

Blood Cells

Location: Blood vessels and bone marrow

Function: Carries O2, fights infection, and blood clotting


Location: IVDs and pads of the body

Functions: Shock absorber and helps create stability

Elastic Cartilage

Location: Pinna (flap of ear) and epiglottis

Function: Gives shape and flexibility

-Lots of elastic fibers

Hyaline Cartilage

Location: Joint cartilage, end of ribs, nose, larynx, and trachea

Function: To protect and gives shape


-Most common cartilage

Reticular C.T.

Back (Definition)


Back (Definition)


Back (Definition)


Back (Definition)


Back (Definition)