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What is the major irony involving voter turnout today?
As franchise (right to vote) has expanded, the percentage of voters has declined
What are the estimated reasons behind low voter turnout in the US?
Progressive reforms, don't believe their vote counts, voter registration, polling hours, frequency and length of elections
What are four progressive reforms that were introduced, what was their purpose, and what was the result?
1. secret ballots
2. voter registration
3. primary election system
4. denial of voting rights for aliens
Purpose: Remove corruption from politics and to eliminate lower classes from voting
Result: Political parties were weakened and voting became more difficult
what is the average voter turnout in off-year elections?
Which states (region) have the highest voter turnout?
Northern plains and mountain states
Which states (region) have the lowest voter turn out?
Southern states
When do people vote?
When they believe the benefit from voting is greater than the costs
When is a rational person most likely to vote?
In a close election.
Why do some people always vote?
Out of civic duty
What 5 things do the 15 states do to help ease the burden of voter registration?
1. registration up to election day
2. registration in precinct or neighborhood
3. registration by mail
4. registration offices open on weekends and evenings
5. no purging from voter registration for failure to vote
what is the number one impediment to voting?
Voter registration
What are three options for changes to voter registration?
1. Register on election day
2. Canadian plan- door-to-door registration
3. Motor-voter registration (we do have this)
Who opposes same-day registration and why?
Republicans because they fear fraud and don't want the marginally interested voting because the majority are democrats
What are the problem with polling hours?
elections are held on weekdays, the east and west cost vote at different hours (time zones)
what are some characteristics of nonvoters?
young people
manual laborers
those with little education and income
Middle age, middle class and above
what are some characteristics of voters?
Those with more education and income
College educated are 124 times more likely to vote
Republican more likely to vote
What are some theories as to why college educated citizens are more likely to vote?
College equips you to deal with the bureau
college may instill knowledge about government and effects of voting
What is political efficacy?
Belief that you can affect the government
When was the idea of political campaigns introduced and by whom?
William McKinley in 1896
What 3 steps should you take to prepare for nomination?
1. make decision to run about three years in advance
2. establish campaign organization
3. establish a committee to raise funds
Where do candidates campaign the most and why?
Candidates focus on the 11 biggest states so they can receive the majority of electoral college votes.
How many votes are needed to win the presidency? And what happens if no candidate is able to obtain that amount?
270-then the House of Representatives selects the president.
Why do we keep the electoral college method of election? (4 reasons)
1. turns a plurality into a majority
2. Gives small states a small advantage
3. Gives largest states big advantages
4. tradition
What are the components to a good campaign strategy?
1. Mobilize those within your party
2. Persuade independent voters (swing voters)
3. Work to convert the opposition
4. plan where to spend time and money
Where do most people get their campaign information?
From tv and free coverage
How does the media portray the campaign?
from a "horse race" aspect
What are sound bites and how do candidates use them?
Visuals representing a brief episode of the candidate doing something colorful and appealing.
Which are more informative of the candidates' stance on issues: news channels or advertisements?
usually advertisements
what factors influence voting?
Party loyalty, candidate evaluation, issues
which voting factor is most important, but has weakened since the 1950s?
party loyalty
What has tv done to the ideal candidate?
Requires his personality, style, character, and competence to become important factors.
How do most voters view the issues?
From a retrospective viewpoint, looking back at the state of the nation over the past four years, mostly at the economy.
What are the different results of the election?
1. Maintaining elections-most elections, party in power, stays in power
2. Devoting elections- temporary shift in popular support (minority party has popular candidate)
3. Realigning elections-permanent shift in popular support (majority and minority parties switch)
What is dealignment?
rather than support a new party, citizens chose to be independent
Why do we use the two party system?
1. Historic- dualism is part of US political conflict
2. Moderate (centrist) political views of the US public
3. Structure of the electoral system