Essay On Civil Rights Movement

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The civil rights movement has been one of the leading social actions experienced in America over the past century. This movement became prevalent among minority groups namely African-American, and women in our country who felt there rights and privileges were aggrieved in one way or another. The civil rights movement was typically centered in the Southern regions of the country which at that time was highly populated by African-Americans. This civil right initiative focused on specific rights such as voting rights, women rights, LGBT rights, and racial inequality in education, economic and political opportunities.
Civil rights in America
The civil right movement had a major impact on modern-day women rights and equal educational
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For instance, in the 20th Century many minorities who were often African-Americans were denied the right to vote which generated disparity and inequality in the voting configurations this had a major social impact and to a larger extent biased practices on public policies. This led to many imbalances of the numerous sectors of the United States economy. The implementation of effective voting rights among all American citizens empowers the country to construct a comprehensive democracy that accommodates policy decisions and social outcomes for the whole society and public which in itself forms the productive democracy in the United States. Future public policies in the United States should attain voting rights practices that are fundamental aspect in the advancement of a stronger economy in terms of growth and productivity. Subsequently, money plays a critical role in the formulation of public policies in the United States, establishing good voting configurations and voting alliances will offer systems that are important factors in developing of public policy as it associates with the concerns and needs of the every citizen in our country. Civil rights initiatives are thus essential for developing policies such as those dealing with education, healthcare and the economy which are necessary for the improvement in the day-to-day lives of average American citizens who lack such basic needs such as of education …show more content…
In order to have a comprehensive voting rights law, the United States should implement affirmative steps to mobilize potential voters and make sure the right to vote is strongly protected. A barrier to voting in the United States is systematically mandated through voter registration practices. The requirements that are mandated for registration significantly lessens voter turnout which are aimed at the low-income and younger people in our society that cannot afford State Issued Identification Cards or Driver Licenses many of these individuals are members of a minority group. To resolve voter registration issues in future, registration will need to be made easier with same day registration, State Identification funding aid and strong compliance with the National Voter Registration Act. Same day registration allows voter to register on the same day of voting than the current laws in many states that mandates for them to register to vote weeks in

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