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What is the result of unrecognized constipation?
Fecal impaction (stool blocks small intestine)
the fecal drainage from a stoma
How much should the client drink per day, if not contraindicated, to reduce risk of constipation?
2000-3000 ml of fluid
Name some factors that can lead to constipation:
1) dehydration
2) decreased activity
3) postsurgical ileus
4) opioid use
5) inadequate dietary fiber
When is fecal impaction utilized?
When administration of enemas and suppositories has been unsuccessful.
What may happen if the vagus nerve is stimulated while performing digital removal?
The heart rate may slow
infrequent stools
Name two of the three criteria that must be present for at least 3 months for a dx of functional constipation to be made:
1) straining c defecation at least 1/4 of the time
2) lumpy or hard stools 1/4 of the time
3) sensation of incomplete evacuation at least 1/4 of the time
4) two or fewer bowel movements/week
When might digital fecal removal be contraindicated?
If client is on anticoagulant therapy (may cause bleeding of the mucosa)
What is needed in order for a digital fecal removal to be performed?
A physicians order (d/t possible vagus nerve stimulation)
Which position should the client be in when performing DFR?
left side-lying w/ knees flexed
How should fingers be advanced in the rectum?
along rectal wall toward the umbilicus.
How are the fingers moved to loosen/fragment fecal mass?
Scissor-like movement or hooking movement (if using one finger)
What should be assessed periodically while performing DFR?
heart rate, sx's of fatigue
How long after DFR should the client be monitored for bradycardia?
1 hour