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- Mdx: Multifocal to coalescing hemorrhagic ulcerative gastritis

- causes: NSAIDs, Uremic ulcers (kidney failure)

- Path: loss of prostaglandins, vasoconstriction

- possible clinical sign: melena (blood in feces), anemia

- enlarged gall bladder - potential obstruction

- brown bowel syndrome

- Vitamin E deficiency

- periodontal disease

- deposition of dental plaque/ calculus

- Mdx: multifocal ulcerative gastritis

- gastrophillus spp.

- Mdx: granulomatous enteritis of jejunum

- normal cat esophagus

- herringbone pattern

- Mdx: gastric hyperplasia associated with trichostrongylus axei, and multifocal ulceration asscoaited with gastrophillus spp.

- ulceration, perforation and rupture or duodenum

- inflammation and necrosis

- can lead to fibrinosupurrative exudative peritonitis

- edx: ascaridial enteritis or intestinal ascaridiosis

- Mdx: multifocal to coalescing necrotizing ulcerative gastritis

- caused by NSAIDS

- Llama

- normal rumen

- Mdx: multifocal segmental necrohemorrhagic enteritis

- disease: canine parvoviral enteritis

- Mdx: ulcerative glossitis and ulcerative esophagitis

- Etiology: bovine viral diarrhea (bovine pestivirus)

- Mdx: reticular lymphosarcoma

- Etiology: bovine leukemia virus (retorovirus)

- Mdx: mutlifocal pyogranulomatous peritonitis/ vasculitis

- Etiology: FIP - mutated feline coronavirus

- oral cavity malignant melanoma

- Disease: swine dysentery

- Etiology: Brachyspira hyodysenteriae

- Edx: Coccidial enteritis

- Mdx: necrohemorrhagic colotis

- intestinal intussusception

- Edx: uremic glossitis

- Mdx: bilateral/ multifocal ulcerative glossitis

- trichobezoars

- Mdx: megaesophagus

- achalasia

- primary: congenital

- secondary: acquired (ex myasthenia gravis)

- megaesophagus

- persistent right aortic arch

- oral papillomatosis

- canine papilloma virus

- Mdx: Multifocal to coalescing ulcerative stomatitis

- differential dx: bovine viral diarrhea, malignant catarrhal fever

- Mdx: intestinal acute segmental hemorrhagic enteritis

- Etiology: canine parvovirus type 2

- Mdx: jejunum inguinal hernia incarceration with focal areas of necrosis and hemorrhage

- mdx: palatoschisis

- can cause bronchopneumonia

- squamous cell carcinoma of a horse stomach

- Mdx: intestinal catarrhal enteritis

- Etiology: Diplydium caninum

- Mdx: stenosis/ stricture of jejunum.

- acquired

- Mdx: proliferative ileitis

- Etiology: Lawsonia intracellularis