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What issues regarding dental care can negatively impact a fetus?
Provision of select dental care can benefit the fetus - What are those procedures?
Prophy - there is a connection between periodontal disease and low birth weight
What is the ethical dilemma present when you are treating a pregnant patient?
Beneficence and Non-malfeasance
What are some basic physiological changes that occur in pregnant women?
1) Endocrine - maternal and placental hormones
2) Fatigue
3) Tendency toward syncope and postural hypotension
4) Anemia
5) Gestational diabetes & Hypertension
Why might pregnant patients experience anemia?
Iron deficiency
Blood volume increases more rapidly than RBC mass
What types of treatment do you want to make sure gets accomplished for a pregnant patient throughout their entire gestation period?
Plaque control, OHI, Scaling, Polishing, Curretage
What type of dental care should be accomplished for the first trimester?
Avoid elective treatment (except prophy) urgent care only
What type of dental care is accomplished during the 2nd & 3rd trimesters?
Routine dental care
What are lidocain and prilocaine and are they safe for pregnant patients to take?
Local Anesthetics
Yes they are safe
What type of drugs are aspirin and NSAIDs and are they safe for pregnancy?
No caution/avoid
What type of drug is acetaminophen and is it safe for pregnant women?
Yes it is Safe
What type of drugs are cephalosporins, clindamycin, penicillins and are they safe for pregnancy?
Antibiotics and they are Safe
What type of drugs are articaine and bupivicaine and are they safe for pregnancy?
Local Anesthetics and NO
Use Caution
What types of drugs are tetracycline and are they safe for pregnancy?
Are narcotics safe to use on pregnant patients?
Use caution/avoid
What types of drugs cause gingival overgrowth?
Ca++ Channel Blockers
What other condition does geographic tongue mimic?
Lichenoid Drug Reactions
What are lichenoid drugs used for?
Heart drugs, antibiotics, or drugs that lower blood glucose
What type of drugs are Aldomet, Chloroquine, Diabenese, Orinase, Tetracycline, Furosemide, Quinidine, Tirprolidine, and Chlorothiazide?
Lichenoid Drugs
How can
Angioedema, due to allergic reactions, manifest in the oral cavity?
Angioedema can manifest as sweeling that goes to the back of the throat
What are some drugs that can cause angioedema?
Local Anesthetic, NSAID -Indomethicin, & ACE inhibitors
What drug side effects can cause color changes in teeth?
Tetracycline during development
What drug side effect can cause color changes in the mucosa?
What are some categories of drugs that cause Dry Mouth?
Anticholinergic or Sympathomimetics
What is a specefic anticonvulsant that can cause gingival overgrowth?
Which thyroid condition that is untreated should you avoid using epinephrine or pressure amines?
Hyperthyroid patients poorly controlled
Which untreated thyroid condition should you avoid CNS depressants, like narcotics and barbituates?
Hypothyroidism poorly controlled
What kind of dental treatment should you provide poorly controlled hyperthyroid patients?
Avoid surgery
Treat any acute infection
How should you treat a well controlled hyperthyroid patient?
Treat acute infection, but avoid if possible
Treat Chronic infection
Normal management
What should you do in the case of hyperthyroid crisis?
Wet Ice Packs
Hydrocortisone 100-300 mg
CPR, IV glucose
How should we approach treatment of a poorly controlled hypothyroid patient?
Avoid surgery
Treat any infection
Avoid CNS depressants (narcotics, barbiturates)
How should we approach treatment of a well controlled Hypothyroid patient?
Avoid oral infections
Normal treatment/management
What is an example of a Hypothyroid medical crisis?
Myxedema coma
How should we respond to a patient undergoing a Hypothyroid medical crisis?
Conserve heat
hydrocortisone 100-300 mg
CPR, IV glucose
Parenteral Levothyroxine
What is an example of a thyroiditis disease?
Chronic Fibrosing Thyroiditis (Riedel's)
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
What type of thyroid condition is Hashimoto's thyroiditis considered?
Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism
What type of disease is Graves disease?
What type of disease is Cretinism, myxedema, and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?
What thyroid condition involves cardiovascular complications, like CHF and arrhythmias, protruding eyeballs, and interactions with epinephrine?
What thyroid condition involves exaggerated response to CNS depressants?
Which thyroid condition can lead to thyrotoxic crisis due to infection and surgery?
Which thyroid condition involves a coma precipitated by CNS depressants, infection, or surgical procedures?
Which thyroid condition involves thyrotoxic crisis due to infection and surgery?