Prenatal Workshop

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A workshop about prenatal care is very beneficial to expecting parents. Having the right information at hand is very important to better understand the kind of care you need to take care of yourself and the baby that is developing. Expecting mothers need to know the dangers of certain actions that can cause harm to themselves and the baby while the baby in hard at work developing to enter the world.

One of the one of the things the mother can do is making sure they are getting enough nutrients (Berk, pg 113) and eating right during the nine months. By making sure that you are getting all the nutrients is very vital since children grow very fast in the prenatal stages. Consuming the right amount of foods throughout the pregnancy and
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Over the years have learned that there are certain prescription drugs and nonprescription drugs that are not safe while pregnant. Some of these can cause miscarriages or even deformities to the embryos at a young age. Limbs and other issues can be present with the heart, kidneys, hearing and others also. By asking a doctor if something is safe to take would be helpful to the …show more content…
It is even worse while pregnant. It is best to quit as soon as possible for the health of the mother and baby. Even if she decides to quit at the end the baby may be born with no visible signs that the mother smoked throughout the pregnancy but there might be very small behavior issues that may show up later. Some of these health problems might be born premature, heart and breathing issues while sleeping , colic, death, asthma, muscle tension, shorter attention spans, poor memories, lower test scores, and others. When smoking the nicotine will conscrits the blood flow and make the placenta swell and reduces the nutaitis to the baby and can cause poor weight gain for the baby. It also increases the red blood cells and harms the brain,nervous system and poor body weight to the

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