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What is an Eclipse?
An eclipse occurs when one object in space casts its shadow on another object in space.
What are the 2 types of eclipses?
1) Lunar
2) Solar
What is a Lunar Eclipse?
A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth's shadow falls upon the moon. Occurs when the moon is in the full moon position. On average, a lunar moon occurs once every year.
What is a Solar Eclipse?
A solar eclipse occurs when the moon's shadow falls upon the earth. A solar eclipse occurs at a new moon. The moon's shadow will fall upon a portion of the earth. On average, this occurs only once every year.
What is an umbra?
An umbra is the central, dark part of the shadow that no sunlight is able to reach-it is cone-shaped.
What is a penumbra?
A penumbra is the partially dark part of the shadow.
Why is it unsafe to observe a solar eclipse with the naked eye?
You would be basically staring into the sun. The sun's UV rays can do tremendous damage to your eye during this situation.
Why don't eclipses occur during every new and full moon?
Each type of eclipse occurs only once per year on average. This is because during most new and full moons the sun, the earth, and the moon will not be in a perfect alignment.
What is the "Plane of the Ecliptic"?
This is the name of the plane in which the earth orbits the sun.