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What was the Ice Age?
A period of time in the past lasting millions of years when glaciers spread to cover nearly half of the Earth's land.
What is a glacier?
a great sheet of ice that moves slowly over a land surface
How did people probably first reach the Americas?
across Beringia (buh RIN jee uh)
What is Beringia?
a "land bridge" that formed between Asia & North America
Who were the first people to come to the Americas?
Asian hunters & gatherers
What caused the people to want to settle in Middle America?
*warmer lands of great variety
*large animal populations to hunt
*ideal climates for growing food
What covers most of Middle America?
steep mountains
What is the Central Plateau?
a large area of rolling hills
Define tropical.
refers to the area of the Earth that is near the equator, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
What is the tierra caliente?
means "hot land" and is the hottest region

sea level to 3000 feet
What is the tierra templada?
means "temperate land" and has a generally mild climate

3,000-6,000 feet
What is the tierra fria?
means "cold land" and has a cooler climate

above 6,000 feet
What do all three climate regions have in common?
the rainy season from between the months of May and October
What is a rain forest?
a forest that receives more than 80 inches of rain per year
What percentage of Earth's living things is found in rain forests?
What are some features of a rain forest?
*trees may grow to 200 feet tall
*canopy of trees so thick that little sun reaches the forest
*unique environments
*huge variety of plants and animals