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Why was salt important to people in West Africa?
used to prevent food from spoiling
Define supply.
supply is a quantity of some good, product or resource
Define demand.
Demand is people's desire for a particular item
What is the economic rule of supply and demand?
items that are plentiful in supply do not have high value

items that are scarce are high in value
Describe the steps gold took from mine to market.
1. Miners dug dirt and rock out of the ground.
2. Women sifted the gold dust.
3. Grains found were poured into hollow feather quills and transported to market.
Why was Timbuktu an important trade center?
crossroads of major trade routes
near the Niger River
bordered the Sahara and was a final stop for caravan routes before they crossed the desert
Who spread Islam throughout western Africa?
Mansa Musa
What is a griot?
people who tell stories that describe historical events