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A stub router is a router that should not forward traffic between two remote EIGRP learned subnets.
eigrp stub command
Stub routers do not advertise EIGRP-learned routes
nonstub routers note which EIGRP neighbors are stub routers, and the non stub routers do not send Query messages to the stub routers
eigrp stub connected
Advertise connected routes but only for interfaces matched with anetwork command.
eigrp stub summary
Advertise auto-summarized or statically configured summary routes.
eigrp stub static
Advertise static routes, assuming that the redistribute static command isconfigured.
eigrp stub leak-map name
Advertise routes (that would otherwise be part of a summary route)specified by a leak map.
eigrp stub redistributed
Advertise redistributed routes, assuming that redistribution is configured.
eigrp stub receive-only
Does not advertise any routes. This option cannot be used with any otheroption.
Evidence of Router B2 as an EIGRP Stub Router

B2(config)# router eigrp 1

B2(config-router)# eigrp stub connected

WAN1# show ip eigrp neighbors detail


2 Se0/0/0.2 13 00:21:23 1 200 0 408

Version 12.4/1.2, Retrans: 2, Retries: 0, Prefixes: 2

Stub Peer Advertising ( CONNECTED ) Routes

Configuring an EIGRP stub router
eigrp stub [[connected] [summary] [static][redistributed]] | [receive-only]]
EIGRP stub router
A router running EIGRP that limits itself in several different ways forthe purpose of limiting the EIGRP DUAL algorithm and reducing EIGRP Query scope.
limiting query scope (EIGRP)
route summarization or EIGRP stub routers
7. Routers R1 and R2 are EIGRP neighbors. R1 has been configured with the eigrp stubconnected command. Which of the following are true as a result? (Choose two.)

a. R1 can learn EIGRP routes from R2, but R2 cannot learn EIGRP routes from R1.

b. R1 can send IP packets to R2, but R2 cannot send IP packets to R1.

c. R2 no longer learns EIGRP routes from R1 for routes not connected to R1.

d. R1 no longer replies to R2’s Query messages.

e. R2 no longer sends Query messages to R1.

C and E.

R1, as a stub router with the connected option, still advertises routes, but only routesfor connected subnets. R1 announces its stub attribute to R2, so R2 chooses to not send Querymessages to R1, knowing that R1 cannot be a transit router for other subnets anyway.

What tools can we use to meet the designgoal of fast convergence? (four items)
Tune metrics so that feasible successor routesexist.

Make appropriate routers EIGRP stubs.

Use unequal cost multipath to add multipleroutes to the routing table.

Use route summarization to limit query scope.