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What does the schedule of events provide?

"Big picture", who, what, when, where tasked deploy to meet requirements

What are the two methods to conduct passenger scheduling?

Line number and block seating

Your basis for creating the LOGMOD Mode/Events table is based on what?

How long it will take for certain process to take place

What can your local transportation office provide in regards to surface movements?

Timing for different modes of surface transport

What module of LOGMOD automates the

scheduling system?

Schedule module

What is the first step in creating a schedule?

Create schedule ID and system defaults

What action is taken if your personnel readiness flight doesn't provide you with a levy file when

re-establishing the ULNs for deployment in the Schedule ID?

Assign your personnel line number info from DRMD contained within a separate schedule ID
Who is usually responsible for ensuring all cargo is identified, prepared, and documented prior to being marshaled?

The deploying unit

Briefly describe what the LOGPLAN subsystem material list provides to a deploying unit--

Cargo identified for deployment
What number is used by the various automated transportation systems to track visibility of shipped cargo?


How must hazardous materials be documented?

IAW AF interservice manual 24-204

Briefly describe a JI

Cargo inspection completed by CDF cargo in-checker; accompanied by cargo rep

What personnel code identifies an individual's

current medical, legal, and administrative status for deployment eligibility?

DAV code

What action occurs if a suitable replacement

cannot be found on base for a personnel shortfall reported by a tasked unit?

Shortfall message sent to tasking source
Who maintains responsibility for full personnel and accountability from the time unit personnel arrive at the PDF for processing until they are physically turned over to the passenger terminal function?

What are the only types of orders used to deploy personnel?


What is contained in reporting instructions?

Deployment requirements for specific locations in the AOR

What do reporting instructions identify?

Special training

Fitness requirements

Travel guidance

Required docs. that may cause ineligibility

What is used by C-MAJCOMS in conjunction with the UTC to identify additional requirements beyond the UTC's MISCAP?

Line Remarks

What may line remarks specify or allow relative to the standard UTC requirements?

Wide range of desired/ required qualifications;

Allow exceptions

What areas must the IDO focus on for

non-standard UTC with unique/special


Line remarks

Unique reporting instructions

Training requirements

Who defines local processes, procedures,

infrastructure, and resources used to deploy


Host installation/ wing commander
What does the IDP contain?

Detailed deployment guidance reflects installation's current deployment process/mission

Besides deployment and mission, what other

processes are included in the IDP?

Executing all contingencies


Other deployments

What does the IDP describe?

Who, what, when, where, and how the installation meets each deployment requirements

Briefly describe what the IDP must have the

flexibility to accomplish--

Process a single individual and robust enough to cover base large deployment
What is the first step in creating an IDP?

Determining max. simultaneous deployment


What action may be taken by the IDOs/IDNCOs once the max. simultaneous deployment capability requirement is determined?

Program for equipment, supplies, facilities, and

infrastructure in addition to working personnel

actions necessary to meet planned capacity

What should be included in the IDP for forward based forces?

HN resources available to successfully execute deployment/redeployment ops.

When should ORM be considered in the

deployment process?

To mitigate risks

At what point in developing the IDP does the IDO/IDNCO start answering the necessary

questions for the wing/installation commander briefing as part of the IDP?

After all data has been gathered/validated

What must be identified in the IDP in relation to the AEF construct?

How installation will work within it.
How often should the IDP be reviewed?

Who is the focal point for all deployment operations and what are they responsible to ensure?

DCC; Installation meets all deployment command and control requirements
Who is responsible for reviewing and monitoring all applicable classified messages that pertain to the installation's taskings?

Briefly describe the DCC's responsibility in regards to transportation and deployments--

Transportation to deploy passengers/cargo;

Support on base deployment requirements

Who mans the DCC?

IDO Log Plans

Personnel Transporation

DSOE Monitors Supply

Admin Runners

Selected unit reps.

What are the min. comm. requirements for the DCC?



Secured/Unsecured telephones and fax

What work center is responsible for all actions

necessary to receive in-check, inspect, marshal, load plan, manifest, and supervise loading cargo aboard deploying aircraft or vehicles?


What duty in the CDF transports, loads, and

secures cargo on aircraft or other modes of


Load Teams

Who is responsible to provide training to the CDF?

Host LRS/APS on AMC port base

Verifies cargo documentation is correct and passes information to load planners...
Cargo Manifesting and Documentation

Places cargo in load plan sequence by chalk..

Cargo marshaling

Ensures effective coordination of all aircraft and

vehicle loading operations..

Inspects equipment/cargo with the owning unit reps. and/or cargo terminal rep.

Cargo joint inspection

Completes final load plans to ensure max.

utilization of aircraft..

Final Load Planner

Verifies that equipment has been received for


Cargo in-check
Transports, loads, and secures cargo on aircraft or other modes of transportation

Load teams
Ensures all documentation is correct, adequate, posted, protected, and processed properly..

Manages status of cargo, updates completion times in the Schedule module of LOGMOD..


What type of equipment will be required for

classified and hazardous equipment holding


MHE, Fixed/portable scales, RFID bags/required support equip., Shoring material, portable lighting, marked class/hazard. material hold, uninterrupted power, robust comm., ADP equip.
What is the PDF designed to accomplish?

Deploying personnel properly accounted for and prepared to deploy
Briefly explain how the PDF serve as the installation's focal point--
Maintaining personnel activity
What serves as the wing's last set of eyes ensuring all personnel are eligible for deployment?

What are produced by the PDF for all deployments in support of real-world contingencies?

CED Orders
What is processed by PDF in DCAPES for issuing orders?

LOGMOD personnel assignment data
What special circumstance may not warrant standing up a full processing line?

Resource availability

What must deploying personnel be provided when full formal services of a PDF line are not available?

Deployment checklist

What are optional processing stations, such as legal and chaplain, based upon?

Emergency data





Family support


What type of LAN connectivity as a minimum is required by the PDF?

What is the min. storage requirements for the PDF?

Uninterrupted power Robust Comm.

LAN Classified storage

Brief/passenger hold facility Baggage handling

Who is responsible for coordinating all unit level deployment activities?


What unit level deployment activities are the UDCC responsible for coordinating?

Reciept of taskings and preparation or cargo and personnel for deployment

How many trained individuals will staff the UDCC?

What equipment and communications connections does the UDCC need to have?

Uninterrupted power Robust Comm.

Phones LMR



Who has the overall responsibility to establish local deployment training to deployment work center personnel?


Who does the IDO train within 45 days of


Unit commander
Quarterly deployment training status is briefed to whom?


When using the Schedule, in which step do you

define the chalk mission table?

What two methods are used in LOGMOD to assign passengers to chalks?

Block and line number seating

What must take place directly before passengers and cargo are processed in the schedule function of LOGMOD?

Cargo must be in-checked and inspected by the CDF

The PDF is charged with maintaining accountability of deploying personnel from the time they arrive at the processing line until--
turned over to the passenger terminal

What is used to identify additional requirements

beyond the MISCAP?

Line remarks

What document contains detailed deployment

guidance that reflects the installations current

deployment processes?

The first step in creating an IDP must be

Determining the max simultaneous deployment


What IDP step happens immediately after the max. simultaneous deployment capability has been


Determine the content
If an IDO does not stand up the DCC, then who is responsible for all daily tasking requirements?

In the DCC what is essential for positive control?

Robust communication
Why should the DCC key staff be provided with land mobile radios and cell telephones?

Facilitate rapid and accurate communications
An installation ensures max. utilization of deploying aircraft carrying capacity by--

Ensuring the CDF prepares final load plans

Who completes final load plans to ensure max.

utilization of aircraft, ease of cargo on/offload, and safety of flight standards?

Final Load Planner

Who manages the status of cargo, updates

completion times in the Schedule module of the

LOGMOD, identifies potential bottlenecks and works with CDF personnel, units, and DCC to

ensure cargo is processed on time?


Which equipment item is not required in the CDF?

Infa-red scanners

Who advises commanders when personnel

selected for deployment are ineligible to deploy

according to applicable AFI and the reporting



The PDF is charged with maintaining accountability of deploying personnel from the time they arrive at the processing line until--

they leave home station

What is a required station of the PDF?


What is not a required equipment item for the PDF?

Cable Television

What is an equipment requirement for the UDCC?

Robust communications

Who will receive initial training within 45 days of

assignment by the IDO?

Unit commanders