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1. In the view of progressives, what was wrong with American society? What

solutions did they try to use?

In the view of progressives, the American society was poor and believed that the government could be used to solve other problems.

2. List the five most outstanding achievements of Roosevelt’s presidency. Rank

these five according to your assessment of their importance. Justify your


The National Park System-

The Panama Canal-

Roosevelt's corollary to the Monroe Doctrine-

The Square Deal-

The Treaty of Portsmouth and the Russo-Japanese War-

3. President Roosevelt spoke disparagingly of the muckrakers and their work. Do

you agree with his view of these journalists? Why or why not?

Muckrakers were journalists who exposed the truth about politics and businesses.

4. What were the distinctive contributions of feminists to progressive reform?

For some time now women suffrage has been the goal, but it was not until the progressive movement, that the women found the support they were looking for.

Progressives believed that “the cure for the ills of democracy was more

democracy.” Apply this observation to progressive action in city, state, and

national reform; then assess the accuracy of the observation.

The cure for the ills of democracy was more democracy” because the more say the people have, the happier they'll be and it correlates to progressivism.