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Where are complaints usually recorded?

In the precinct of occurence

When a complaint is received from a member(s) of the community regarding Vice, Narcotics, or Organized Crime related offense where will it be recorded?

At the Investigative Support Division, Organized Crime Control Bureau (ISD, OCCB)

Where will the complaint be recorded for a pick up arrest for Vice, Narcotics, or Organized Crime related offense?

At the Precinct of arrest

Found controlled substances or drug paraphernalia IN A BUILDING will be recorded here

Precinct of occurrence

Found controlled substances 2 oz or less, not in a building (street) will be recorded here

Precinct of occurrence

*more than 2 oz. in the street, recorded @ ISD, OCCB

Found weed 2 lbs or less in the street or in a building requiring investigation will be recorded here

Precinct of occurrence

*more than 2 lbs of weed in the streets or a building, recorded @ ISD, OCCB

Complaints of missing NYC residents are recorded here

Missing person's resident pct

Complaints occurring on piers, bulkheads, or dead human bodies found in navigable waters will be recorded here

At the precinct in which such piers or bulkheads are located or bordering the navigable waters where such bodies were found

Complaints occurring on waterways or islands inaccessible to patrol precinct personnel will be recorded here

In the precincts of record after investigation by Harbor Unit personnel

Complaints of lost property will be recorded here

In the precinct where complainant first discovered loss, if actual place of occurrence is unknown

Overdue leased/rented vehicle complaints will be recorded here

Either in the precinct where the vehicle was leased/rented or at the precinct where the vehicle is expected to be returned

A complaint involving multiple offenses occurring from a continuous ongoing event in which the 1st offense occurred in one precinct and 1 or more of the additional offenses happened in another precinct will be recorded here

In the precinct where the 1st offense was committed

How is a complaint for a continuous event recorded if it involves a Homicide or Rape 1st degree or a Criminal Sexual Act 1st degree?

If the continuous event includes a homicide, the complaint is recorded in the precinct it occurred in, if known. If the location is unknown, record complaint in precinct the victim was found in

If the continuous event involves a Rape 1 or CSA 1, record the complaint in the precinct where Rape/CSA 1 happened, if location of Rape/CSA 1 is known.

If Rape/CSA 1 happened in multiple precincts, record it where the 1st Rape/CSA 1 happened.

If Rape/CSA 1 location is unknown, but location of 1st offense is known, record it where initial offense happened.

If Rape/CSA 1 location is unknown, and location of all other offenses is unknown, record it where the complainant reports the incident

Where is a complaint recorded for a continuous event that begins in Housing (on-development) but ends off development or vice versa?

Starts in Housing and ends off development - record under Housing jurisdiction "02"

Starts off development and ends in Housing - recorded off development where started

Where is a complaint recorded for a complaint that begins on a moving train?

It will be recorded as occurring at the next (very first) station where the train stops

Where is a complaint recorded for a continuous event that begins on transit system but ends off transit system or vice versa?

Starts on transit and ends off transit - record under Transit jurisdiction "01"

Starts off transit and ends on transit - recorded off transit where started

Name the complaints that a 61 will be made for

Complaints and pick-up arrests for crimes & violations, except those NOT RECORDED ON 61s

Complaints & pick-up arrests for juveniles charged as JO's

Pick-up arrests of juveniles taken into custody and charged with juvenile delinquency

Complaints of lost property

Found controlled substances, marijuana, and/or drug paraphernalia under certain circumstances

Pistols, revolvers, or other dangerous weapons possessed by a person or found under circumstances requiring investigation

Motor vehicle/bicycle collisions where someone dies, is seriously injured and likely to die, or there is critical injury to an individual

Motor vehicle/bicycle collisions to which Highway responds & conducts an investigation

A deceased person for which this Dept must notify the Medical Examiner

All verified incidents of work disruptions at city construction sites

Any act which happens to violate the conditions of an Order of Protection or an incident of suspected child abuse

A missing person

How will a missing person complaint be recorded?

On a 61 and a Missing/Unidentified Person Report using the same complaint # for both reports

What does the following phrase stand for, and how does it relate to the Complaint Reporting System?


The phrase stands for the 7 Major Felonies. It is the order in which crimes will be classified, starting with the most serious on top.

M - Murder/Non-negligent Manslaughter

R - Rape (forcible)/Rape 1

R - Robbery

A - Assault (felonious)

B - Burglary

Steals - Grand Larceny

Cars - Grand Larceny, Motor Vehicle (Grand Larceny Motor Vehicle with a Grand Larceny from the vehicle will be classified as Grand Larceny, Motor Vehicle)

The attempt to commit any of the 7 Majors will count as the completed offense, except this one

Attempted Murder, which will count as Felonious Assault

Any of the 7 Majors coupled with any other offense not a 7 Major will be classified as this

The appropriate 7 Major felony:

Murder/kidnapping = Murder

Rape 1/kidnapping = Rape 1

Rob/CSA 1 = Robbery

Rob/kidnapping = Robbery

If any reported offense is not a 7 major, classify crime in this order

Category - Felony>Misd>Viol.

Classification - If all felonies, A>B>C, if all misd, A>B>Unclassified

Degree - If all offenses are "B" felonies, 1st>2nd>3rd degrees

Penal Law Article and Section - If all 2nd degree "B" felonies, Article 140>Article 150, etc

Separate 61s will be made for these individuals

EACH homicide victim (victim is the complainant)

EACH perp of a crime who is killed

EACH person killed or seriously injured and likely to die, or critically injured as a result of a motor vehicle/bike collision

EACH victim of a sex offense

EACH victim of an assault, EXCEPT if incidental to a sex offense or robbery

EACH add'l person injured in an arson

If a perp is arrested for CPSP, but is not charged with the original crime, these steps will be taken

Prepare a new 61 & a separate serial # will be assigned

If more than 2 wanted or arrested perps are being reported on a Complaint Follow-up Informational (pink), what is the proper form to use?

Another Complaint Follow-up Informational (pink) will be used, do not use a Complaint Follow-up Informational Second Sheet

61s must be reviewed and finalized within this timeframe

Within 24 hrs of taking the 61 and the DO must transmit complaints by the conclusion of each tour

The Complaint Follow-up Informational (pink) must be forwarded to here

Criminal Records Section and prepared for manual storage. Don't use staples. Must be forwarded to the proper units within 24 hrs of preparation

How are taxi robs or attempts recorded?

Enter in caption "OFFENSES, if any", Robbery/medallion or non-medallion taxi as appropriate. State in details if taxi had partition or not or any other safety devices installed and location from where passenger was picked up