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Sheep Shears

Sheep Shears are a cutting instrument for the removal of wool.

Lamb Puller

Lamb puller is used to assist in a difficult birth.

Lamb Boot

A lamb boot is ideal for application of hoof medications.

Hog Snare

A fast and simple way to control a hog for injection, inspection, clipping, or other treatment.

Heat Detection Patch

Self-adhesive detector is used to determine animals in standing heat.Signal layer will begin to show after the first mount. True standing heat can be detected after several mounts. Friction activated.

Pig Resuscitator

Helps to save a non breathing pig. Place cylinder-shaped plastic mask over face, making sure the head is pulled back so that air passages are open. Then by simply compressing the bellows, you deliver a life-giving rush of air into the animal’s lungs. Repeat, pulling off the mask to allow air into depressed bellows.

Ralgro Implant Gun

Used to implant Ralgro. Ralgro is not a hormone, but the only growth promoting implant you can use in cattle. It is implanted subcutaneously on the back side of the ear, one inch from the head. Animals gain faster and convert feed more efficiently when they receive life cycle implanting.

Rice Pelvimeter

Developed to aid in the prediction of dystocia in heifers. The Rice Pelvimeter has also been used to determine bull’s pelvic area and aids the rancher in determining which bulls and heifers to breed.

Nipple waterer

Lets animals “nurse” water from a mechanical nipple using a biting action that eliminates water waste

Scrotal Tape

A convenient tool for the efficient means of bull evaluation and a rough guideline for associating scrotal circumference with age.

Nose Lead

This would be used with a nose ring in cattle.

Forage Probe

This low-cost hay and forage core sampler can be used on all bale sizes and all types of baled forages for testing purposes.

Drench Gun

Used for drenching cattle, sheep, and hogs for worming and other uses. May also be used to administer pour-on insecticides.

Beef Halter
A halter used to show beef cattle.
Breeding Harness

For use teasers and bulls to monitor estrus/heat and mating activity.

Needle Teeth Clippers
Used to clip needle teeth in baby pigs.

Electronic I.D. Tag

Electronic I.D Tags have numbers that are laser marked on the tag. They can be read by an Electronic I.D. tag reading device.
Automatic Dose Syringe
A syringe where once the desired dose has been fixed, the same dose is injected by a simple pressure on the trigger until the syringe is empty.

Cauterizing Tail Docker

Severs and cauterizes in a single operation. Heated blade instantly cauterizes the severed area and eliminates bleeding. Cauterizing action prevents open wounds and eliminates chances of infection.
Curry Comb
A comb with several rows of sharp teeth.

Scotch Comb

Used to groom cattle's hair.

Synovex- C Implants

A growth promoting implant for suckling beef steers or replacement heifers 56 days of age to 400 lbs body weight. Subcutaneously Implant the complete contents of one cartridge cell per calf in the middle one-third of the ear at each implanting.
Used for notching ears for identification.
Paint Branding Iron

Used for identification.


Used for castrating piglets, lambs, and kids.

Hoof Chisel

Used for cutting and shaping animals hooves.

Hoof Trimmer

Used to keep animal's hooves nicely trimmed.

Ewe Spoon

Use to successfully control vaginal prolapse in ewes. Push prolapse in and put retainer in place, close to the rectum. The retainer doesn’t interfere with lambing and can be left in place as long as needed.

Wool Card

Used to card (Comb or Rake) the wool on sheep prior to shearing.

Intravenous Set

Used to get liquid substances directly into the vein.

Needle Holder

Used for cutting sutures.

Beef Cattle Frame Stick

Measure hip height to accurately determine beef cattle's frame size.

Breeding Catheter

A device used to deposit semen into the female reproduction track of pigs.

Beef Loin Eye Grid

Plastic grid designed for measuring the Loin Eye area.

Lamb Loin Eye Grid

Plastic grid used to measure lamb loin eye.

Cattle Straw

Used for freezing semen and artificial insemination.

Steel Forceps

Designed for handling harmful chemicals or hot objects.

Nasal Cannula

Used to deliver oxygen.

Prolapse Ring Retainer

Used to repair rectal prolapse in small animals.

Steel Hoof Knife

Used to trim, cut, & scrape hooves.

Test Tube

A clear Cylindrical glass tube, open at one end and rounded at the other for laboratory experimentation.


The modern, easy method of bloodless castrating and docking lambs and young goats.

Elastrator Rings

Used with elastrator to castrate or dock lambs and young goats.

Burlap Wool Bag

Used to package wool on the farm for shipment to the warehouse or mill.

Sheep Chair

Holds sheep in a relaxed position for trimming hooves, tagging, medicating, etc. Allows 1 person to do these processes.


Used to catch and sort sheep.

Oral Fluid Feeder

Used to get fluids into a calf, lamb, or kid's stomach when it will not suck or swallow on its own. The tube goes through the esophagus into the stomach.

AI French Style Straw Gun

Used to place semen in uterus while AI'ing cattle.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer (tank)

Used to store straws of semen in. Maintains semen frozen at temps lower than -320 degrees F.

Wide Mouth Thermos

Used to thaw straws of semen just prior to insemination. Contains 95 degree F water.

AI thermometer

Used to measure water temperature in wide mouth thermos to ensure it maintains a 95 degree F temperature.

EasiBreed CIDR

Estrous synchronization tool used in cattle. The CIDR is inserted vaginally and releases progesterone, preventing ovulation until it is removed 7 days later.

Cattle Headgate

Used to restrain cattle by their neck and head.

Cattle Squeeze Chute

Used to restrain cattle by their neck and head, as well as to squeeze the animals body to keep it from excessive movement. The chute is designed to keep the cattle and cattlemen safe.

Cattle Hobbles

Used to keep cow from kicking when placed on two back legs.

Hanging Scale

Used to weigh lambs, kids, and calves when used with a sling, or to weigh feed and piglets when used with a bucket.


Used to weigh calves, lambs, or kids.

Feed Scoop

Used to roughly measure and move feed.

Livestock Sorting Paddle

Used to aid in the movement of livestock. Contains beads in the head that make noise when rattled.

Heat Lamp

Used to provide extra heat to newborn livestock.

Heating Pad

Used to provide extra heat to newborn piglets.

Milk Replacer

Used in place of mothers milk or when supplemental milk is needed.

Hog Sorting Panel

Used to move hogs from one place to another. Used as a barrier between hogs and people.

Needle Teeth Nipper

Used to cut the needle teeth from baby piglets to prevent biting other piglets and protect the mother as they suck.

Branding Irons

Used to paint brand sheep or if heavy duty stainless steel used to freeze brand or heat brand cattle.

Ear Tag Applicator

Used to apply tags to the ears of animals.

Tag Knife

Used to safely remove tags from ears.


Used to apply tattoos to ears.

Tattoo Ink

Applied to ear immediately after tattoo applicator is used to make permanent mark.

Balling Gun

Used to administer bolus pills to animals. Pills are deposited in the throat to encourage swallowing.

OB Chain

Attached to calf, lamb, or kid's lower legs to aid in pulling the baby during difficult births.

OB Handle

Used to grab onto OB Chain when using it during difficult births.

Calf Puller

Used to assist cow during difficult births.

Emasculatome or Burdizzo

Castration tool used in lambs, kids, and young cattle.

Cutting Dehorner

Used to remove horns by cutting them out.

Electric Dehorner

used to remove horns by cauterizing blood vessels to the horn.

Cow Magnet

Administered to cow when hardware disease is suspected. Cow swallows magnet, which collects any metal objects in its digestive system it may have eaten.


Used to castrate or make incisions of the skin with.

Disposable Syringe

Used to administer liquid medications.

Screw Trocar

Inserted through side of ruminant, into the rumen, to release excess gas from bloat.