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Wrestlemania 19 is one of Wrestlemania's greatest, I would have to rank it as # 3 in my personal favorites. Perfect match choosing, great storytelling from almost every single one of the matches, and often almost flawless wresting. Very emotional for me at the time this came out, because my all time favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin was facing his last match, against my 2nd all time favorite The Rock. But I also enjoyed the storyline with HBK and Jericho, and Vince and Hogan. It's a nearly flawless Wrestlemania, with only The Undertaker deserving of a better match up.

Sunday Night Heat. Personally hearing Lita's sexy voice, announce alongside The Coach was pretty hot.

WWE World Tag Team titles. Kane&RVD Vs Chief Morley& Lance
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3 1/2 /5

WWE Tag Team Championship Team Angle|C| Vs Eddie&Chavo Vs Beniot&Rhyno. As good as tag team wrestling can get!. Started off a little slowly, but soon exploded into frequent action, and all the teams worked well together. Team Angle retains.


HBK Vs Chris Jericho. An incredible match, and one of my favorites, but it's actually not my favorite on the card, that just shows you, how good this Wrestlemania was. These two put on a sure-fire clinic, and pretty much tore the house down. Crowd seemed split, mostly with HBK though. HBK wins. Jericho teases a face turn, but kicks him in the nuts.


Pillow fight. Miller Cat Fight Girls Vs Stacy Kiebler&Torrie Wilson. Great eye candy, especially Stacy, good grief!. Perfectly harmless, I had a big grin on my face. No contest.

3/5 for Entertainment purposes.

World Heavyweight Championship Triple H|C| Vs Booker T. Crowd is pretty dead for this, and I think the only reason Booker T is getting the shot, is because WWE ran out of opponents to choose from. The match itself is actually pretty good though. There are some nice spots, and Booker T's flip off the top, near the end, was pretty crazy. Trips retains with the pedigree.


20 years in the making, Street Fight. Hulk Hogan Vs Vince McMahon. Crowd goes ape sh*t for Hogan. Built up pretty good, but there is no way this could have lived up to all the hype. It did a pretty damn good job

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