Wind Power: The Solution to Global Warming? Essay

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President Barrack Obama addresses global warming, "We have to all shoulder the responsibility for keeping the planet habitable, or we're going to suffer the consequences -- together." (Leader). President Obama is explaining how more than one person or even nation causes global warming; hence, everyone needs to do their part to stop it and start healing the Earth. Global warming, an increase in the earth's atmospheric and oceanic temperatures due to an increase in the greenhouse effect resulting from pollution, is presently a major worldwide dilemma due to its influences on the endangerment of living organisms. With the widespread effect of global warming and the greenhouse gas becoming more and more noticeable, people all over the world …show more content…
The sun is the most important energy source on Earth, so the loss of the sun is truly not a concern because the loss of the sun would lead to the extinction of all living organism. However, the main concern about using wind power is that the wind is a part of nature and, therefore, unpredictable and unmanageable (Maehlum). While wind can be found anywhere on the open surface of the earth at any given time, wind does not have an exact and set pattern, causing some places to have wind to use for energy while other places do not. Even though wind power has the potential to replace fossil fuel as the main energy source due to its inexhaustible and abounding features, the inability to control the actual wind is a crucial detail that makes wind power undesirable.
Aside from being a renewable energy source, the generation and harnessing of wind energy and its impact on the environment is another prominent topic of controversy regarding the benefit of using wind power. Wind energy is harnessed through the use of wind turbines. The first step to harnessing wind energy is finding an appropriate and sufficiently location to place the wind power plant such as a rounded hill, flat plain, or a shoreline, where wind are plentiful. Then, like a windmill, the wind turbine would collect the kinetic energy of the wind by using the turbine's blade as it turns. After being collected by the blade,

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