Why Koreans are Obsessed with Plastic Surgery Essays

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A Brief History of Plastic Surgery
As early as 600 Before Christ (BC) was the beginning when a Hindu surgeon experimented on reconstructing a nose using a piece of cheek. By 1000 Anno Domini (AD), Rhinoplasty was quite familiar because of their barbaric custom of cutting off the noses and upper lips of one’s enemy which sign their victorious towards enemies. In the 16th century, “The father of plastic surgery”, Gaspare Tagliacozzi had reconstructed the slashed noses by transferring flaps of upper arm skin. The purpose of taking out the arm skin is to reconstruct the saddle nose deformity of syphilis. The term plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos” (fit for molding) which had been popularized by Pierre Desault in 1978 as a
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I ever wondered why they really obsessed with the Westernized look. Are the Korean’s look is not beautiful enough for them? I am very interested to know what the Korean’s ideology defined on “pretty” as most of them said that double eyelids and high bridged noses features are the perfect beauty that they were looking for as not many East Asians were born naturally with. According to Dr Kim Byung-gun, head of Seoul, South Korea’s biggest plastic surgery clinik, BK Dong Yang, the definition of pretty is actually not the standard Asian face, but it is more to the desire to get the Caucasian face. On the contrary, Heidi Liow had a different stand where she said that “It’s not to look more Caucasian, it’s just to look more… I guess in some way more Eurasian, sort of…” (abchungrybeast, 2011). So, I assumed that the Koreans idea of beauty is to be more westernized and to have a little less Asian. They want to have big, big eyes with slender and nice facial bones.

One of the reasons why the Koreans assumed that Westernized looks are more appealing compare to Asians look is the Confucianism culture. How did the Confucianism culture had influenced Koreans greatly on their perspective of beauty? During Japan’s colonization of Korea, the Japanese were greatly hold the concept of “Westernization”. Meiji, the Emperor of Japan had modernized the Japan’s custom and brought

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