Essay on Why Did Italy Enter Into World War I?

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Despite this, Italy had been enhancing its relationship with the powers of the Triple Entente and signed a secret contract with France in 1902 practically nullifying its membership with the Alliance, a position that was made official from 1915 by the signature of the London Pact.When the country had to decide whether to participate in the battle, its political position put her in a difficult situation: indeed, on one hand it would have been seen as a patriotic betrayal to fight against Austria- Hungary but on the other hand fighing against Great Britain would have put a short-end to Italy's developement, as the country was still masssively rellying on foreign supplies. However, the Allies persuaded Italy to join the battle by their side in exchange of some economical and territorial advantages. Indeed, the London pact promised her the provinces of Trentino and Trieste, the Albanian port Valona, territories form the Ottoman Empire and the control of some of the numerous islands boarding the Adriatic coast which would be precisely defined at the end of the war. This was a great success for Italy who's diplomatic weight was mainly established over her unsucessfull conquests in foreign territories.

Secondly, the London Treaty gave Italy military and financial support. Indeed, Italy was to receive a financial compensation, proportionned to the sacrifices made, and was given a 50
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