Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley Essay

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“Today you have the opportunity to transcend from a disempowered mindset of existence to an empowered reality of purpose-driving living. Today is a new day that has been handed to you for shaping. You have the tools, now get out there and create a masterpiece.”’-Steve Maraboli. The young adult novel, ‘Where Things Come Back’, by John Corey Whaley, is about a 17-year old boy named Cullen Witter. During the summer before his senior year, Cullen and his family experience the tragic and inexplicable disappearance of his brother, Gabriel. Despite having to constantly hold his fragile family together, Cullen is also forced to deal with unfortunate relationship issues and the mayhem caused by an aspirant man in search of fame, who bought the …show more content…
In the beginning of the book, Cullen was doubtlessly affected negatively by the loss of his brother. Even though a loss is always tragic, Cullen was too wound up in self-pity to realize what the outside world was feeling too and how others could help him. He was too self-centered and wanted his already grieving family to know how much he was suffering from his brother’s death, and wanted to focus the tragedy on himself only. His lack of responsibility at such a troublesome time caused him to lose friends and break long-term relationships. Cullen’s extreme narcissism is shown as Whaley describes the scene that Cullen’s parents are in a therapeutic session with Dr.Webb, and he reassures them that it is normal for a sibling to be envious of their dead sibling, for all the attention they were receiving. Even though they would only be getting attention because death is such a terrible thing to occur to someone so young, the other sibling could often crave so much attention that it would turn to anger or hate towards the already dead sibling. For Cullen, anger began to develop so severely that he could not stand for Gabriel to ever be mentioned in a conversation, he merely wanted the attention and pity turned towards him; which it never was. His best friend Lucas had given him an uncensored and truthful speech about how instead of appreciating Gabriel’s death and have it be a source of fame

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