Essay about What is Ethics and the Background behind Ethics

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1) What is Ethics?
There are many different opinions of people on the word ‘ethics’. Some would say it is to differentiate between rights or wrong based on feeling. Another part of society believes that ethics is something that is a requirement by religion. Others however, would say that ethics is an obligation to uphold the law.
When people defines ethics by separating right and wrong based on feelings, it is not entirely true because some people tend to choose the wrong thing to do based on feelings. Thus, by using feeling as a judgment, it strays from the purpose of ethics.
Besides that, where society thinks ethics is connected with religion also implies that it is not entirely true. Although religious belief people show great level
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These standards of ethics show consistency to be a good person. Secondly, the study of ethics could be recognized by the field of development of a person’s capability to be ethical. As stated before, based on feelings, religion and laws could be combined to represent one’s continuity to show effort by showing their own moral behavior and continuously to rebuild their life becoming a better one.

2) Background
Generally, ethics which is known as moral philosophy is connected to philosophy which includes doing and conducting between right or wrong. This refers to choosing the best decision based on our own common sense. From the collection of words by the Oxford dictionary, the word ‘ethics’ could be define as moral values that reflects someone’s behavior, or the action of doing something nice.
The study of ethics is a very broad knowledge that needs to be broken down and focus on each part of ethics. In the western civilization, the school of studying ethics can be divided and separated into 3 major parts of which is the study of the past work by old or ancient philosophers. The first philosopher is Aristotle, where student study that justice, charitable trust and kindness are the right ways that should be act and implement in our lives that could give advantage to the person that practice it and the society which that person lives in.

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