What Is A True American? Essay

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Nationalism is extreme loyalty and devotion to one particular nation, and many Americans are nationalistic about their country. But even though they are loyal to America, defining what it means to be a true American is tricky. Being American is one complex thing, but the concept of being American can not be fully grasped. What it means to be American may in fact be one of the biggest mysteries of all time. Indeed, discovering what it means to be a true American could possibly take an entire lifetime. One thing, however about all true Americans is certain: we are all alike in that each one of us is different from the Americans in important ways. We are diverse in our backgrounds, races, and religions. Nevertheless, we are exactly …show more content…
My friends, persistence is the key to the success of our country, and is the reason we are still here to this day. Nothing is able to pass by us as Americans, or go unnoticed. Americans are loyal; Americans fend for each other. Diversity is a subject well known to every American, as it noticeable every day. The famous old song This Land Is Your Land may come to mind when you are trying to describe diversity here in America. America is the only country where any race, culture, religion can come in contact with almost perfect harmony. Tolerance is in America’s dictionary, and it’s meaning “a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.” (Webster’s Dictionary.) This country is almost like a soup, with a vast amount of ingredients, it’s amazing what cultures you may find in this land we call home. Our struggles with tolerance did exist and are fewer today. Slavery was once a horrid, disgusting act of ours, but since then we have changed our ways, turned the table perhaps. American’s also do look back and regret the treatment of the Native Americans who once roamed this land in huge numbers. Forgiveness is a word, that had not came to its full context over these particular issues, but admiration is the correct word for those who forgave. The opinions of fellow Americans are very diversified, the party lines clash, but respect is

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