What Happened to Ward and June Cleaver Essay

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What Happened to Ward and June Cleaver?
Single parent homes, broken families, and divorce are rampant in today’s society. Marriage is no longer the revered union that it once was. Divorce is clearly on the rise since the days of yesteryear that depicted happy families in the favorable image of Ward and June Cleaver. Unlike the June Cleaver’s of days gone by, the women of today now busily juggle careers, family and household responsibilities, and play the role of “soccer mom” among many other things. Now that June is swept away with her many responsibilities, together with her earning capacity, reduces her need to rely on Ward ultimately making it easier, and more likely, that their children, Wally and Beaver will become the unfortunate
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Still, they believe that divorce is a natural liberty and a personal choice as a means to deal with unhappy or contentious marriages and family disharmony.
Conversely, this line of thinking denotes how selfish and egoistic our society has become. This system of “me first” mentality placing such high values on “individuality” and unrestricted liberties comes at a great cost. Our selfishness and need for this instant gratification should never take precedence over our obligations as parents to our children. So, rather than dealing with the broken families, perhaps we need to take a more active role in supporting the preventative measures. As the proverbial saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
Jennifer Daw, in her article entitled “Saving Marriages: How to do it?” found that, “several states have implemented mandatory premarital counseling laws, community marriage covenants and extended waiting periods for obtaining marriage licenses. At least ten states (at the time of this writing) have proposed requiring premarital counseling to aid in reducing divorce rates.” Some states also impose penalties and fines on couples who do not attend the mandatory premarital counseling. As these programs become more and more popular and as news of the success stories and increasing rates of the decline in divorce associated with these programs increases, the number of states participating in these programs is

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