What does the prophecy of the 2012 Ascension mean to you? An enquiry into contemporary instances of Apocalyptic Beliefs.

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The purpose of your research project and in what way will it contribute to the academic understanding of your subject matter.

The aim of the project is to consider the phenomenon of apocalyptic beliefs within contemporary metropolitan societies.

The term ‘apocalyptic beliefs’ will be defined in line with Norman Cohn's use of the term as a particular type of salvationism.1 This definition is in line with Nick Campion’s explanation of the word 'apocalypse'. Campion suggests “the Greek for revelation, is derived from the word apocalyptic, to describe the vision of the end of the world". Campion also states that eschatology is from the Greek word Eschaton, meaning the study of ends, but can mean belief in the end of the world. The
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Additionally, they will be asked if they have considered the failure of the prophecy.

It is anticipated that this project will contribute in a small way to a better understanding of the instances and nature of reported apocalyptic beliefs in contemporary Western society.
Daniel Wojcik argues that contemporary apocalyptic beliefs have become much more meaningless, fuelling fears of global Armageddon with no indication of salvation regeneration or harmonious Utopia which underpinned the doctrines of apocalyptic beliefs throughout history.4

Whereas John W. Hoopes in "Mayanisim Comes Of (New) Age" writes specifically of the 2012 doctrine 'The ultimate goal is to reject established authority and overturn dominant scientific and religious paradigms that deny the objective reality of visionary experiences, spiritual enlightenment, extraterrestrial intelligence, and paranormal abilities in the context of hopes for a ‘New Age’ of peace and enlightenment. Hoopes suggestst that there are two lines of apporach to the 2012 prophecy one of a natural violent disaster the other a transformation, a transcendental shift of consciousness.5

I intend to test both these hypothesis by conducting research among members of three contemporary Spiritualist groups in Spain which promote the prophecy referred to as the 2012 Ascension.

I intend to use a combination of quantitative

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