What are Ontology and Epistemology? Essay

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What are ontology and epistemology and why are they important in social science research
The study of any particular science involves embracing particular and specific ontology, epistemology and methodologies that are different from each other. Ontology is the concept that defines and explains the essential types of truth (Blaikie 2009). Every field of science constitutes its own ontology and in most cases two types of ontology exists: formal ontology and domain ontology (Blaikie 2009). Formal ontology type of research always postulates something general related to reality while on the other hand domain ontology postulate something specific with regard to different types of truths (Blaikie 2009). On its part epistemology
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Objectivism is an idea that postulates that objective truth is in existence and can be acquired on large-scale through the gathering of more inclusive information. Within the realms of ontological perspectives objectivism is regarded as an ontological position that postulate that social materials and properties together with their meanings possess an existence that is independent of their social actors (Bryman and Bell 2007). In other words the idea asserts that social phenomena and particular categories that humans put in use in their everyday life possess an existence that is largely independent and separate from the actors. For instance taking an example of an organization individual discovers that it has rules and regulations where at the same time it subscribes to specific and concise standardized procedures that are used to get things done (Bryman and Bell 2007). People get appointed to different positions within the organization and there exists certain levels of hierarchy in the organization, there is presence of mission statement and other things. Different organizations differ in terms of the above stated things but when analyzed and interpreted it becomes clear that almost all organizations have reality that is external to the people who inhabit it (Bryman and Bell 2007). Within this perspective an

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