weisbords six box thoery Essay

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The six-box model is a framework developed by the American analyst Weisbord to assess the functioning of organizations. It is a generic framework and is intended for use across a wide variety of organizations. It is based mainly on the techniques and assumptions of the field of organizational development. The model represents a particular way of looking at organizational structure and design. It gives attention to issues such as planning, incentives and rewards, the role of support functions such as personnel, internal competitions among organizational units, standards for remuneration, partnerships, hierarchies and the delegation of authority, organizational control, accountability and performance assessment. The model also follows the …show more content…
Is there a fit between the purpose and the internal structure of the organization?
RELATIONSHIP: The ways in which people and units interact is termed relationships. Also included in the box of relationships is the way in which people interact with technology in their work. What type of relations exists between individuals, between departments, and between individuals and the nature of their jobs? Is

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