War PropagandaPast, Present and Future Essay

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War PropagandaPast, Present and Future

Part 1: An In-depth Look at War Propaganda

Propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public of mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military, economic, or political.
-Linebarger, Paul Myron Anthony

In every aspect of life, there tends to be a desire to have others see things the way we see them. In theory, if we all share the same views and opinions, we can unite for common goals. Propaganda consists of a communicators objective to impose or manipulate a person, or group of people into adopting his ideals. Perhaps the most common place that Propaganda is used is during times of war. Given the
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“In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies. (Winston Churchill) Though leaders will often admit to their use of propaganda, the tendency is to denounce it as such, reverting to euphemisms when discussing their own political agenda. For example, the American government will admit to the use of propaganda only when it is referred to as “public information”. When speaking of the enemy, however, it is essential that their tactics be deemed war propaganda.

Propaganda in totalitarian regimes is easy to recognize for its blatant and crude methods. In democratic societies, on the other hand, propaganda is often disguised. In a nation where the public is required to think and act according to the collective good of society, the use of blatant propaganda would most likely not be questioned. If it were questioned, it’s generally not within anyone’s right to express their dissatisfaction or concern of the nature of the government’s actions. In a nation with free will and thought, however, things aren’t so simple. The use of propaganda must be sneaky and disguised. If blatant propaganda were used in such a country, there would be such a reaction from the public that the government would suffer. Given this, it is imperative that propaganda in a democratic nation be of a different nature.
Propaganda agents

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