Violence in Video Games Essay

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The negative impact of video games on youth has been a hotly debated topic since before Pac-man ate his first Pac-dot. Recently though, due to horrific school shootings and record sales of violent video games such as the Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty series, video games as a whole have been put under a microscope. The question now is: Are violent video games really such a significant factor when it comes to youth violence? The current research and information points to no. Although some research reveals that violent video games may cause temporary aggression, there has been no evidence that it causes violent crimes such as assault or murder. Christopher Ferguson, an associate professor at Stetson University and researcher into the …show more content…
The participants, undergraduate students, played both non-violent video games such as 3D pin-ball and played violent video games such as Mortal Kombat. They then gave each participant three different incomplete stories with twenty unique endings that the participants could pick from. Based on the endings the participants chose was how Bushmann and Anderson evaluated their aggression level. They found that playing the non-violent video games did not increase the participants aggression at all while playing the violent video games significantly did increase aggression. While Bushmann and Anderson’s study seemed to show correlation between violent video games and teen aggression, it was met with controversy. A number of researchers such as Christopher Ferguson and Cheryl Olsen immediately One of the initial arguments against their study was that both Bushmann and Anderson conducted the study with a bias already against violent video games. Another major argument was that they did not properly define aggression and did not differentiate between aggression and actual violent tendencies. Another criticism was that they used undergraduate students who are at the older end of the teen spectrum. This study may have provided a link between aggression and violent video games, it did not show a link between actual teen violence and violent video games. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), the organization

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