Violence in Video Games Essays

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Violence in the media is a very complex subject; extracting what actually causes aggression and what is just arbitrary circumstance can be a very sticky process. For instance, as a recreational player of video games, I play what might be considered violent games (mostly an online "shoot 'em up" game called Counter-Strike) in the eyes of someone who perceives what I am doing as "killing" or as violent, but there in lies the problem: I make no association with the death, killing or violence. Yes, I realize that on the screen there are guns and that to someone unfamiliar with the game it might look like mindless killing, but for me, it is truly just a challenge, a very engrossing and difficult one at that (due to the nature of the game I …show more content…
It seems to me that ignorant grown ups want a red herring to scapegoat as the problem instead of maybe focusing on some of the more impactive reasons as to why people are angry or violent (like maybe capitalism, 40 hour week, racism, sexism, bad family values or upbringing, economic inequalities, a compromised standard of life, political unrest, apathy, drugs, abuse, childhood psychology, biological/psychological factors, misinformation etc). Now, this is definitely tilted towards my bias, a bias of first-hand experience mind you, and I am open to alternative perspectives; in fact I do believe that for people with undeveloped pysches (children and young adolescents) the effects of, what to me are completely fictitious "games," might be more influential, in that if they don't have the tools to rationalize the material they are presented with, but I think that the vast majority define video games as exactly what they are, games. It is the parents job to be explain to their children the difference between fantasy and reality, a bunch of latch key kids who don't have any role models are highly more susceptible to being impacted by the material they view on a monitor.

Violence in the media has evolved into

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