Urbanism and Fantasy World of Disney and Sea World Essay

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Sorkin’s begins his article by arguing the widespread of the new urbanism, which had accomplished over the course of the 20th century. He says that by visiting the themed park, the Disneyland as a destination illustrates the preference of the themed environment above the authentic one. Where as Davis’s article brought exciting social thoughts to the topic of SeaWorld and the other nature themed parks. I think today the fascinations about nature have a great influence from entertainment to education. But Davis states that the importance and value of such ‘nature entertainment’ differs by race and class.

Sorkin’s explains that the entire complex of the Disneyland is on a platform, so that the infrastructure can be concealed from sight
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The controlled streaming of animation and short commercials combined together to form a virtual world of miniature. Disney functioned through its median of animation that gave a sense of real physical Disneyland. In the recent years, the Disney Corporation has grown to become a vast domain of controlled theming by virtual means. Ranging from “ family friendly’ drama shows to the targeting selected age groups.

As Disney world is only possible rests on the top of hidden underground mechanisms of labor, the themed environment seems natural to the visitors . If this mechanism of theme park is successful in solving the problems of the urban environment how it can be applied to the city? And what are the effects of thematization of the urban spaces? . Sorkin also write how Disney world’s ticketing booths describe the limitations between monetary zones. With the space, guests can also pay through “Disney dollars” which can be exchanged with US dollars. The purpose of this currency is to strengthen a fantasy that persuades the customers have arrived to a different domain that is better enhanced than reality. However Sorkin says Disney world had definitely in many means its own authorities.
The thing I found little disturbing in the discussions of Disney and Seaworld is the control of urban public space by commercial conglomerations. Similar to the way that the private malls have come to

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