Essay on Universal Health Care: ObamaCare is Not Enough

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ObamaCare is Not Enough: America Needs Universal Health Care

Feverish and fatigued, Jenny was rushed to the emergency room. At the time of her admittance, doctors were unaware that Jenny contracted a bacterial infection during a recent at- home labor and delivery. Septic shock quickly consumed her body and shut down her major organs. Eventually, the doctors saved her life, but at a steep price - she lost all of her limbs.
Undeniably, Jenny received topnotch treatment for her infection, but the US healthcare system failed her, by leaving her with a hurdle. She did not have health insurance. However, the outcome of her pregnancy and infection may not have been as drastic if Jenny had access to universal healthcare; it would
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in “Health”). Furthermore, according to the Embassy of France in Washington

DC, the French have the freedom to see any doctor at a “public, private, university or general hospital” of their choice and “waiting lists for surgeries found in other government supported healthcare systems do not exist in France” (“French”). It is not rationed medicine if the people are free to choose their own doctors under their own conditions. France is a good example that socialized medicine can offer choices.

The foundation of France’s healthcare system is based on the humane ideology that healthcare is a right. Their century old system provides healthcare coverage to all its citizens and
“for more than 96 percent of the population, medical care is either entirely free or is reimbursed
100 percent” by the government (“French”). That is, ideology for universal healthcare rights was passed onto the next generation through the years. As The Christian Science Monitor correspondent, Susan Sachs writes, in France, “people pay a percentage of their income into state-supervised medical insurance funds” and many choose to enroll in supplemental insurance to cover the difference (25). Although people receive national insurance through the government, there is still a market for private insurance. Furthermore, Sachs adds that the

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