Underage Drinking: Enforcing The Drinking Age Essay

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For decades, certain people have been contemplating on how to go about the issue of underage drinking; people of the government, parents, and other individuals concerned in global affairs. The problem is, the issue of underage drinking and the nationwide ineffectiveness of the drinking age law of twenty-one isn't debated and discussed as much and as aggressively as it should be. And the main components of discussion ought to be the matter of binge drinking among teenagers and college students, drinking issues and statistics in foreign countries, and finally, possible solutions for this problem. The main point is that the states of our country can only attempt to enforce the law rather than try approaching the problem in any other way. …show more content…
(Minton)* But whether it be in clubs, dangerous neighborhoods, or even in backwoods, teens are forced to drink in unauthorized and unsupervised places because the drinking age limit prevents them from drinking responsibly in a safe environment and results in dangerous drinking activity such as binge drinking, which in turn, results in traffic accidents and various types of fatalities and crimes. (Eastman)* And that is the problem of many youths: binge drinking. The reckless goal of drinking to get drunk. That shows that problem isn't necessarily the drink, but the drinker. (McCardell)* Approximately 90% of alcohol consumed by people under the age of twenty-one in the United States is in the form of binge drinks. (McCardell)* Then, when all the partying is done, they are faced with the dangerous situation of having to drive themselves home. That’s when most of the traffic accidents take place, if the police don’t stop them before such tragedies occur. For instance, there was one report of an 18-year-old girl who had been drinking. Her friend, who had also been drinking, was driving the both of them back to their college campus from a club. The 18-year-old didn’t make back, however, because she was killed in the car accident that occurred. Her friend is facing jail time. (Eastman)* The age law was useless in

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