Essay about U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy Launches Communist Witch Hunt

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McCarthyism destroyed many peoples lives and it was one of the saddest events of American history. Joseph McCarthy was a politician that made everyone become afraid of “communist”. He also accused many citizens that weren’t actual communist. McCarthy was unethical with his accusations and only wanted to be in the spotlight. He was the key figure in the anticommunist madness. Joseph McCarthy was born into a Roman Catholic family as the fifth of nine children in Appleton, Wisconsin on November 14, 1908. Although McCarthy at the young age of fourteen dropped out of grade school he returned eagerly to finish his studies which permitted him to attend Marquette College. Once he began his studies, McCarthy went about his journey to become …show more content…
Few people that he accused were actually spies for the Soviet Union but many listed suspects were liberal democrats. McCarthy accused many people who were broadcasters and regular citizens. He made a lot of people lose their jobs because of his speculations. Many innocent people were jailed for expressing their views and civil liberties were thrown away. This lead many Americans to believe that a Bolshevik style revolution was at hand. One of the people he accused was Drew Pearson who was a critic who dishonored McCarthy’s accusations regularly through columns and radio broadcasts. Pearson lost sponsors to his show because of McCarthy. McCarthy made seven speeches to the Senate on Pearson he also had money raised to help numerous men sue Pearson (Latham). This showed how cruel McCarthy really was, he wanted to damage Pearson’s reputation. Also many leaders of the American Communist Party were jailed. McCarthy used the subcommittee to broaden his investigation of alleged communist activity in the U.S. government(Burchett). He also used the media to get his voice out there. Just like there was many people for McCarthyism there were many against it as well. President Truman was one of the people that was against it. He was angry that on February 9, 1950 McCarthy made a speech. In this speech he said he had a list of fifty seven people in the state department who were known to be “members” of the American

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