U.S Foreign Aid to Africa Essay

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U.S Foreign Aid to Africa
Some people speak against U.S foreign aid being sent to Africa for humanitarian reasons. Others speak out in favor of such actions. All of us have seen the news tickers with vital headlines about “people being devastated by droughts in Zimbabwe and unhygienic water in Sudan”, but what is their government doing about it. Personally, I’ve asked myself several founded inquiries about where is this foreign aid going to and what are some of the achievements being made. I’ve acquired over time well-built knowledge in relation to the United Nations and the work they perform globally to promote stability and development. I will be bringing in several valid arguments to get to the bottom of this controversial subject of
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The crisis has also forced some 255,000 to flee their homes.” (Kenya, UNNewsCentre)
This mainly means ethnic and tribal groups have been in the front lines of clashes established by political leaders in their quests for power. The advent of democracy has not changed the aims of politics, but simply shifted the method of struggle. It goes back to the point of fraudulent governments. To my own understanding, the state of affairs is not improving at all in Africa, if foreign aid by the United States continues. The cases of hostility and terrorist activity are still intact and growing. I’ve done some research into the Horn of Africa and I’ve found since the collapse of Siad Barre’s regime in 1991, there have been several foreign incursions. Every single one of them exacerbated the conflict by increasing radicalisation and political polarisation. They reduced chances for political dialogue and helped militant groups to recruit.
Another project, which I can, assured you never heard of is the Operation Mils Mopti in Mali. Operation Mils Mopti is a typical case of U.S Foreign Aid to the African agricultural assistance Agency. In 1976, AID launched a project to boost food production and marketing in the Mils Mopti area of Mali. AID plowed over $10 million

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