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In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and in Molière’s The Imaginary Invalid, two ladies are presented, that are not necessarily the leading protagonist, but they help unravel the plays’ plots into something amazing. Twelfth Night features Maria, the lady in waiting to Olivia. At first Maria comes off as a dilettante, later on we find out that’s not the case at all. Meanwhile, in The Imaginary Invalid, there is the disputatious Toinette, who is the maidservant and nurse to the imaginary invalid himself, Argan. Maria and Toinette are two strong women characters, their strength and wit is depicted through Maria and Toinette’s deceiving schemes to make their plays more stimulating as well as their objectivity throughout all the chaos in their …show more content…
He does obey every point of the letter that I dropped to betray him” (3.3.74-76). Maria has Toby completely wrapped around her master plan that all he says is, “Come bring us, bring us where he is” (3.3.82). Later on the reader realizes that Maria’s little practical joke turns out to be the turning point of the entire play. Once, Maria’s practical joke breaks out the plot begins to unravel; character begin to pair up and the confusions get cleared up. She succeeds Maria’s strong character as well as her wit. Later on Toby appreciates Maria’s existence more and he purposes to marry Maria, she accepts. She goes from being a simple lady in waiting to a leading lady of the master plan. By the end of Twelfth Night the reader knows that it was due to Maria’s strong character and her strategic planning that made the play come to life.
Meanwhile, in The Imaginary Invalid Toinette is depicted as the witty maidservant who is completely selfless. She is also the maidservant/nurse that keeps her cool throughout the turmoil of her play, that she essentially initiates herself. Toinette serves the very irritating hypochondriac Argan, yet she sticks it out and she listens and tends to his daily complaints and insults selflessly. It has become a daily routine for the witty Toinette, and her gullible Argan master. Here is a little snippet of their routine, “the doctors are having great fun with your body. They’ll shrivel you

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