Trouble with the Tube Essay

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When I was growing up, our parents allowed us only a small amount of virtual entertainment including television. Even before we could be in the same room as the television, we had to meet a few requirements; our homework had to be completed, our rooms had to look decent, and we had to have our chores thoroughly completed. Even after all these things were completed, we found little interest in actually watching television, instead, we would usually end up in our backyard playing soccer, drawing on the sidewalk with our chalk or hanging out with friends. We lived in sunny California, where the sun stayed up seemingly forever and we didn’t want to miss any time in the wonderful sunshine.
That time as a child, running free, being outside
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In fact, when television first came into existence, many people believed that no one would have the time to watch television. During high school that thought would have probably made my best friend laugh. Now we both attend college and she’s recently told me, “I have the television on in the background, but I never focus on anything that’s on the screen. I just have the noise on in the background while I do my homework. I have no idea what is happening to my favorite character in my Monday show!” I could tell she was actually a little saddened by this fact. These small boxes are more than a noise maker to some; it’s a chance to escape from their own lives.
I used to use it as a way to relieve stress, and to pass the time. This escape is more often than not, causing more harm than good. With the many hours of television exploration, we need to be more careful with the jeopardy that is sure to follow. For instance some of the dangers that succeed superfluous amounts of television include; Health complications such as heart disease and obesity (which are the most common), developmental concerns for youth, which include education, behaviors and trouble focusing. When television is used as a pacifier on our youth, the outcome can be catastrophic. I find it very dejected to look outside and see civilians who are having a difficult time walking due to the fact they are overweight. These people are subject to the rising epidemic of obesity, do you

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